InsureX — first blockchain-based marketplace for the trade and management 
of insurance products

Hello everyone, summer already here a lot of people are on resorts, but we — cryptocommunity and investors still working! So i want to tell you a little bit about new project InsureX. 
ICO Starts on 11th July
ICO Ends on 31th July
Crowdsale pool: 100,000,000 IXT
Reserve: 30,000,000 IXT
Minimum funds need to success : 2,222 ETH
Maximum funds need to succesful ICO finish: 88,888 ETH
For 1 ETH you could buy 1,125 IXT tokens.
 InsureX Token (IXT)

IXT token powers the InsureX ecosystem and can be used for such purposes as payment for data, API licences, annual subscriptions and transaction fee payments.

As you can see from Roadmap this year is going to be hot and productive.
Now couple words about InsureX and what’s it.

Insurex is a marketplace which is created for the insurance sector and powered by blockchain where insurers and reinsurers can connect and trade insurance products. Nowadays processes in the insurence sector are very inefficient, expensive and error prone. This is due to the fact that much work is done with a large numbers of intermediaries in addition to the large amount of documentation that moves between these points.

If you interested in this project you can participate in crowdsale by this link

ICO starts on 11 of July. Its one of the hottest projects of this summer!

Also you can read white paper to find a lot of information that intersts you!

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