openANX ICO already running!

Hi to everyone, it will be my first blog on Medium, before that i already wrote some blogs on other sites, but now realize that Medium is the best service to let cryptocommunity know about new prommising ICO and startups!
Today i want to tell you about openANX ICO, which started yesterday and it raised more than 15 million USD for one day! Whaat?! 15 million USD?
Yes, guys you heard it right! But ICO is still running and you have time to contribute there. Here’s the link to participate.
While you thinking why i should participate i will tell you a little bit about openANX. It’s a platform which will take advantage of technical developments on the Ethereum blockchain and use them to fix the problems of the current CEM. openANX want to:
• Transfer existing stock exchange platforms to collateral Asset Gateways, connecting Fiat and tokens in a transparent manner that has
• Provide credit risk trading to enable the pricing mechanism and the voice of the market to determine the creditworthiness of the gateway
And there a lot of things more that they will do, you can read about ir more specific here

In openANX team are more than 20 specialists who are professionals in their field, there are strategical and technical advisors, developers, marketing and operations staff and a lot of others great professionals.

Dont forget to participate, cause ICO almoust finished less than 10 millions AOX tokens left for sale! You can participate with ETH only and remember use only ETH wallets with private key you hold! ICO will ends either in 29 days or when all tokens will be sold, which i guess will be today or tomorrow cause there is big hype about this project! :)

Also you can follow openAOX twitter to be in touch with all updates!

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