How I rank for “Capitan Apple” in Google

or why I’ve spilled my tea all over the place while watching WWDC

Let’s start from teasing you guys with the current search stats I have in my Google Search Analytics, just 15 minutes after the release of “El Capitan”.

Google Webmaster Search Analytics tool for

So why exactly did I spill my tea all over when I saw the release of new OS?

The thing is that we’ve been working few months already on our very own startup called Capitan.

It is a first smart shopping list to help you save time, make smart suggestions and sync your family’s requests whenever you are located within or near the stores.

We’ve been featured on VentureBeat, AppAdvice, SlashGear, Betalist and even got into collections of best Apple Watch apps.

What’s funny is the fact the we’ve chosen quite unusual name for the app targeted on US market, the thing is that we wanted to stand out and add some uniqueness to the name and since we are from Europe... We picked “Capitan” as the name of our tech baby.

Capitan and Kapitan are equivalents of the English Captain in other European languages.

Who knew that Apple would pick “El Capitan” for their new OS? We haven’t for sure.. So what do you think it, will it help us or hurt us on our startup journey?

More about Capitan

the shopping list app, not Apple OS

The app starts by helping you to build your shopping list. As you use Capitan over time, it learns your shopping habits and can remind you that you normally buy milk at a certain store.

Magic moment of the app is in interaction with your family members. They receive notifications when you are at the store and can send you a last-minute update of items to buy.

This saves you time and energy by cutting down on those extra trips for those “Oh, I forgot to have you buy bread” moments.

Inside and outside the store, Capitan is at work to make your shopping experience easier. As you approach the store, app will ping you to let you know you are near the retailer, asking if you want to view your list associated with that store.

We are in private beta right now, so if you like what you’ve read about our shopping list app, feel free to leave your email here.