I’m an AI researcher and here’s how I fight corona

So… why are we doing this?

Both the epidemic itself and the resulting economic crisis are global problems. They can be solved effectively only by global co-operation. First and foremost, in order to defeat the virus we need to share information globally. That’s the big advantage of humans over viruses. © Yuval Harrari

for fans of “Idiocracy” movie
google trends search for flatten the curve

Day 1: I talked to 10 people, had 15 calls.

Day 2: I talked to 30 people, had 40+ calls.

Day 3: I talked to 60 people, stopped counting calls.

Day 4: the group had 150 members.

Day 5: the group had 200 members

Day 6: the group had 250 members

Day 7: we are now 350 members strong.

Wait, what’s going on? is this a cult? don’t you have a job?

- Is it just for AI geeks?

- Is it just for geeks in general then?

- But do you have any medical experts or are you just coding?

- So are you saying anyone can help?

- Soo… you didn’t answer the main question, don’t you have a job?

anonymous data from Blind app
anonymous data from various entrepreneur communities supporting each other in tough times

A new world, new opportunities & new models

2,000,000,000,000 dollars > 100,000,000 dollars

What’s next?

  • Help us understand how geography affects virality.
  • What do we know about COVID-19 risk factors?
  • What is known about transmission, incubation, and environmental stability?
  • What do we know about vaccines and therapeutics?
CoronaWhy call to action document here
  • Get practical experience in a fully global distributed remote team (quite an important skill that is very relevant in the coming era)
  • Learn how AI/ML is helping in solving real world scenarios, not detecting cats and dogs
  • Solve a billion dollar problem, or a $2 trillion one
  • Get volunteer experience on your resume, once a lifetime experience on saving humanity from a deadly virus
  • Save lives! Save your family, friends and loved ones!



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