We are not ready for flying cars, free food and no jobs

It’s not a secret that we are experiencing exciting times as we live through the current decade. We are living longer, richer and are so connected that we can run whole companies entirely remote while enjoying the effects of globalization. But many wonder what’s the next paradigm shift, the inflection point of no return that we are drifting towards in a very fast manner.

There is a massive gap in the ability to educate masses to truly understand the reality of radical change that is about to come. Every single historical platform shift has drastically redefined how people interact and function in society.

From horses to cars, from an absence of steel to abundance, from fire to electric lamps, from telegraph to phone service and internet. The difference is that with the current adoption rate these changes are happening much faster and are perceived much different than they were 100 years ago.

A lot of people are blind believers they will have jobs and will keep working as Uber drivers and truck drivers as their full-time job until they retire. And everyone is hoping their kids will have much better lives and it won’t require them to pay $500k a year for college, which may soon become a reality given the trajectory of current prices.

And while we are distracted by day-to-day routines and outrageous government shutdowns, there is much more that is happening behind the scenes that will erase entire infrastructures and government structures in place.

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