Meet Arturo

Our team is a little like a Venn Diagram, Diletta and Ana are both graphic designers who adore print and editorial design, while Italo is adept at UI/U design and various other technologies they can’t wrap their heads around. But where our team and our personalities truly come together is when we balance each other out. Mariana, the project manager, keeps us on track, since the designers and developer tend to stray and go on tangents. Italo is a pure creative, full of ideas and an enthusiasm that struggles to be contained, the other ones balance him out with an unwavering calm.

One of the first challenges we had as a team was deciding who we wanted to be and what we wanted our group to stand for. Despite being from different backgrounds we all came to the conclusion that the best way to design is for an individual in mind. We looked to examples in nature such as the bees but who without them our ecosystems would collapse, to grains of sand that can eventually form beaches and coastlines, to planets.

If you design or solve a problem with the smallest denominator in mind, you can eventually affect an entire community or environment and create valuable connections. Arturo is the simple, spontaneous idea inside a complex methodology.

For us Arturo — who can be anyone, from a bee to a man in vast city — embodies the essence of designing for the individual and striving to make a difference.

During our first brainstorming session as a team we could barely keep our thoughts orderly on the black board as it was full of excitement and ideas — OK Arturo, the common man, a political movement that started from a joke, King Arthur, Arturo is a bear? He’s a bear! Ursa Major! Constellations! Connections! Connections. For all four of us it clicked, finally connecting the dots. It’s hard to visually sum up Arturo — He could literally be ANYTHING, so we went with our gut feeling, a heroic bear, representing all of us.

That’s all for now!

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Hasta luego,