Meeting Our Client

We’ve had the pleasure of being able to work with an amazing NGO this semester, Oceana which is the world’s largest ocean conservation and advocacy organization. Oceana is an international non profit though we are working primarily with the European branch of the company, who are based in Madrid and tackle issues around the Mediterranean and Baltic sea. Their goal is for stable oceans, and thus a stable environment. We will be working primarily with their current campaign, #StopOverfishing, launched two weeks ago and which focuses on five countries, Spain, UK, Germany, Italy, and Denmark.

We had a very productive meeting with our client last Thursday where we finally met the Communications team via Skype. We were able to learn a lot about Oceana, their company environment, the staff that we will be working with, and their hopes for the #StopOverfishing campaign. We were able to clarify our mission as Design Thinkers and lay out expectations for this semester’s work. Next we will begin our research and hopefully be able to visit their main offices in Madrid. Arturo is a bit excited about the prospect (strictly for business of course) and we hope to gain more insights about the company, their campaign and our brief with that potential visit.

Fins Aviat!