My love letter (and goodbye?) to Austin

Thanks for sharing Joah. My initial response: It’s business, not personal.

What I took from your post is that a consumer tech company, led by a black person, is discriminated when it comes to funding. I sure hope that is not the case.

I’d be interested to learn more about the proof points you are using to pitch. Congrats achieving 1M users — tough to do. As it relates to consumer apps, have you proven your market penetration strategy? Have you proven how to lower and manage acquisition cost? Have you proven repeat usage drivers and retention cost? Have you mapped the life time engagement and potential value of a user? These are some of the top 0f mind questions that I kept wondering about as I read your post, because I prefer to first ensure that the business is fundable, before jumping to personal fundability.

Lastly, it is tough, but you don’t have to move to get funded. Tabbedout remained in Austin and was funded by NEA, along with other investors out of the ATX area.

You have a resilient background, and I hope you can dig deep and power through this difficult business challenge. Rooting for you and your company.

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