Why I didn’t apply for jobs after college and instead defined #mysuccess
Eva Hoerth

This post by Eva inspired me to write and share what success means to me. Here goes:

Meet your honest expectations, with compassion

Success to me means I can go to sleep knowing I did my best that day.

It means I am honest with myself and content only with my best. It also means being compassionate with myself, knowing I’m human, that I can make mistakes, and that it’s OK.

Expectations should be centered on your whole life though. They are not there to stress you if you don’t meet them. They are more like a north light to your happiness.

If you are working on what honestly matters to you, what else could you expect from yourself? And if you are compassionate with yourself, you’ll be patient and persistent about it. Easier said than done, but this is true. Just remember: no one really knows how long anything will take.

So, ask yourself:

Where and how do you want to live? Close to nature? In a big city? Surrounded by amazing coffee or incredible surf spots?
What makes your soul tingle? Design? Teaching? Connecting people? Math? Finance? Architecture?
What impact do you want to have on the world, if any?

And be honest:

How much time do you want to spend with family? Friends? Running? Cooking?
Are you feeding your soul enough? Reading enough books? Painting? Dancing as much as you’d like? Traveling? You also expect yourself to have pure, “pointless” fun, so do that!

A caveat: sometimes sacrifices are necessary.

Maybe working weekends for a project that means a lot to you, or going away from your family. Just be mindful about it. What do you expect yourself to do? Making the sacrifice and doing it? Or is that sacrifice getting in the way of what you expect from life?


Like Eva said, if you don’t know what your passion is, it’s worth spending the time to find it. Connect with people, learn new things, explore boldly and find yourself. Because, at the end, it comes to this:

Until you find yourself, you won’t know where to go.
A photo of Cerro Azul at dawn (Lima, Perú) to inspire you