Why do I keep reading the news?

It is for love, actually.

Let me try to explain it to you.

The answer it is not in how much information you and I get but how do we get it and how do we deal with it.

We all know media distorts reality to a big extent. After all, they need to sell and aggressiveness attracts a lot more of attention. Which is normal, if you come back to our primordial tribal way of living: there was always danger and risk of being attacked.

But I keep reading the news because I love humanity and I care about society and knowing what is happening enables me to take action. By action, I don’t mean I want to create a NGO to solve every issue I get in touch with, but when I become aware that (part of) humanity is going down on a dangerous path, I can consciously choose to go on the other direction. And, dude, there is no more underrated action than this: to become a living mould of the society you want to see (neither a hardest one as well).

Amazing BUT I still get pretty depressed/angry/shitty when I read the news or watch TV, you might tell me.

Well, let’s fix the first issue here which is your intention. As I said, I get connected to the world on purpose: to love humanity. Which is yours? Because, dude, if you are caught off guard watching the 10 pm news, your brain will feed on everything, no filter, because no intention has been set.

Now, let’s get into how you get the news

When consuming traditional media, do it aware of the interests behind. You don’t need to overthink it, just have this mantra in mind: is that all? And if the issue treated makes you cringe in a particular way or it is something that requires your involvement (like, elections), go and look for more information. Where? Google!

The reason I wont suggest you any particular source is because there is not a single unbiased one. Even the more competent journalist, gets to see the world through particular lenses: some have different perspective, some focus on different points, never giving you the holistic point.

So google up and compare different sources and points of view. See it like that: it’s a puzzle, and, unless you were a cheating kid, you want to have it completed, not being satisfied with missing pieces.

Don’t forget about the good news!

Again, we are talking about loving humanity, right? So, why just focusing on the negative. You don’t spend hours thinking about every mistake your loved one made, I guess (if so, dude, text me, we need to talk). Try to get in touch with whatever good things are happening around. Want to see something magical: just google “good news”. And dive into a sea of stories to remember why you fell in love with humanity first place.

Be curious

As with someone you love, keep trying to know and understand humanity. Get to know what happens, but always ask a bit more. Go back and learn some history. Go forward and be an optimist.

Forgive, but do not forget

If what you get to know makes you question humankind progress, just have in mind that if at least some people are doing it better than that, we can all still do it. After all, the basic components of us are all the same.

Then, focus on becoming better. If there is one part of society you can control, that is you.

And this is the biggest insight for me: when you choose to believe in humanity, you also choose to believe in your capacity to do better. And when you go out of yourself and try to get to know about the world, you will be tested, but believe me, I am sure you can validate how amazing people are (you yourself included).

It’s just a matter of letting love shape you perception.

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