What Are the Main Functions of Liver — Know to Keep Your Liver Healthy and Fit

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There are different functions of liver like regulation of chemical levels in blood and separating bile. Not to mention the main functioning of bile that break down fats to prepare them for next process in food digestion chain. The flow of blood is also important from stomach and intestines that goes through the liver. In the further processing, blood helps in making balanced nutrients for body and prepares drugs for easier way to use in body. Some of the important functions of the live are the following and it is important to know about them. Lives helps in producing:

· Bile and help in digestion by breaking down fats

· Special proteins and cholesterol to carry out fats through body

· Essential proteins for blood plasma

In addition to this, there are various other functions that include:

· Storing glucose and releasing it at the time of requirement

· Processes Hemoglobin for use of iron and converting ammonia to urea

· Removing harmful things from blood and regulation of blood clotting

· Providing resistance form infections by improving immune system and removing bacteria from flowing blood

· Clearing bilirubin like protection again yellow eyes and skin

If there is delay in functioning or liver is facing any kind of problem, it is an open invitation to various liver diseases that need proper diagnosis and care to get rid of them. Some of the identified diseases of liver are caused by alcohol (mainly because of excessive consumption over a long-time period that can damage liver and result in cirrhosis).

Other identified diseases that may take place in liver are:

· Hepatitis C or Viral Hepatitis that is a condition result in swelling, inflammation or both

· Fatty liver because of increased fat in liver cells — generally seen in overweight or obese people

· Haemochromatosis that is an inherited disease excess of iron in body

· Primary Biliary Cirrhosis that is a very rare disease that is a long-term disease that can damage bile duct in the liver

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