Migration/relaunch instructions

1.ANFT will relaunch a new smart contract

⛔ From Old Contract ;

✅New Contract :
0xac26dd66e89d5aaa584583733ef171280e268739 .

2. ANFT relaunch tokens will be distributed in a ratio of 1:1

For ex: if you have 1,000,000,000 ANFT on the old sc address, you will get 1,000,000,000 mANFT on the new sc address.

3. ANFT sent to the wallet developer will be sold, 95% of the proceeds from the sale of BNB will be used to add liquidity, while 5% will be used for transaction fees etc.

4. Please send your ANFT to dev wallet :


5. mANFT will start to trade generally on Jan 10th.

6. After everything run well, we will launch usecases one by one.

7. The use cases that we will launch are ANFT Shop and ANFT marketplace.

Telegram 🌏 :
Twitter :



Artwork NFT mystery box

We are proud to announce that we will launch Artwork NFT mystery box

release : 22 october 2021 on

mechanism: you can do gatcha artwork NFT mystery box, if you are lucky you will get an NFT character The NFT you get can be used for staking with very large rewards

Gacha fee:

1-200 gatcha : 0,005 BNB + 30,000,000 ANFT
201-400 gatcha : 0,01 BNB +60,000,000 ANFT
401-600 gatcha : 0,015 BNB +90,000,000 ANFT
601-800 gatcha : 0,02 BNB + 120,000,000 ANFT
801-1000 gatcha : 0,025 BNB + 150,000,000 ANFT



Turn off Tax fee’s for ANFT

⚠️Big announcement

🔰The ANFT dev team decided to abolish the 15% tax with the reason

1️⃣ in the next few days we will be listing to CEX

2️⃣ Make blockchain gaming easier

3️⃣ Simplify the staking and farming system (no tax for users to stake and unstake)



🌟Artwork NFT SNAPSHOTS was ended🥳

🌟Snapshot reward has reached 3,000,000 $JAVA

🥳Congratulations to $ANFT holders who have enrolled in the snapshot program

🔰the distribution of snapshot rewards will be finished today (2021-08-11)

🔰There are a total of 5 days of snapshot events from 7 - 11 August

🔰Period 10 - 13 August 2021, the Developer will FINALIZE the selected wallet address to get a $JAVA reward

⚠️Noted : We will keep doing snapshot every day until 2021-08-13. wallet addresses that release $ANFT before 2021-08-13, we consider it invalid and are not entitled to get $JAVA

On August 14, 2021, the distribution of $JAVA will gradually begin which will be announced later.



Announcement :

1. JavaSwap launch with stacking and farming
2. Launch $JAVA with snapshot system (Just hold $ANFT )
3. Snapshot 7 days, anytime
4. $JAVA 1 = $ANFT 1.000.000
5. Minimum Hold 50.000.000 $ANFT to join snapshots $JAVA
6. More info coming soon




🔰Rules for participating ANFT instant rewards:

1️⃣ Complete all the tasks in this form :

🔰 withdrawal rules

1️⃣ minimum withdrawal requirement is Rp 3,000,000

2️⃣Withdrawals will be opened at first week of August 2021

3️⃣ Indonesian members can make withdrawals using banks:





members from other countries can make withdrawals using the BUSD BEP-20 wallet (worth $200)

⚠️ we will check every 24 hours, we will change the balance if the username does not perform the task

🔰 little information

1️⃣ Artwork NFT token will start presale in july 2021

2️⃣ Artwork NFT Marketplace will run around September-October For more detailed information,

3️⃣ You will get Rp15,000 if your friend join with your refferal link

🌐please join our Telegram group



ARTWORKNFT(ANFT) INSTANT REWARD $21 ($250,000 to be share)

artworknft is the first nft marketplace to provide physical products, each item of the product is a unique artwork.
that's why each item of the product has a limited supply and has the ERC-721 blockchain networks.





The First NFT marketplace to provide physical products