Ladies and Gentlemen,

I had a dream last night, and no, not like the late Martin Luther King Jr.

In my dream, I was in jail. I had a cell all by myself. In my little cell there was a single window, and a bed. Yet I do not recall there being any sink or toilet. However, that does not matter. As I am typing this out, I am realizing that said cell in my dream is an awful lot like my dorm room on campus. But I love my single….

In addition to being in prison, we were allowed to freely shop around. The prison had its own little grocery store. Who knew?

To no surprise, I hated prison. I felt lost. I was constantly crying. Constantly getting yelled at and I even got my sentence extended for turning around.

As I usually do, I did some research into the meaning of the things I had in my dream, as well as some personal interpretation of the dream.


One site that I stumbled said that I was feeling “restrained” in some aspect of my life, whether it be school, work or home. Alternatively, it said that I am involved in some wrongdoing. I don’t think the second one is at all true, but then again, would I just openly admit to the world that I am doing something wrong? Depends.

I personally think that it means I feel trapped with a shitty immune system, constantly being in pain and what not.

The Grocery Shop

As far as the grocery shopping goes, groceries themselves mean that “some emotional or physical need” of mine is lacking. I guess this makes sense because lately I have been feeling lonely. Emotionally, and physically. Now, the amount of stock in the grocery store also signifies something. If it is empty then my life is filled with depression, and if it is fully stocked, then it means my life is filled with endless possibilities… Funny because what possibilities do I have in prison?

People wise, the store was empty except me and a dude, as well as some overweight guard.

Food wise, I guess there were plenty of items in stock.

Meaning…? I am lonely in life yet there are lots of possibilities because I am single.

Sentence increase

Out of everything that occurred in this dream, this is the part that hits home the most and makes me realize that this dream was about college.

My major is the ‘sentence’ in this dream. I don’t know what I want to major in, yet each major has requirements in addition to the school’s general requirements.

The fact that I turned around and got a longer sentence worries me that later on in the future I will change my major and end up in college for longer.

Dream 2

This dream was really short. I was faking that I had trouble walking so I was in a wheelchair.

All I could find on this was that I needed to start standing up for myself.
 And there you go ladies and gents, This girl needs to stand up for herself more.

Aren’t dreams interesting?


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