There is still racism in 2016?

Someone close to me is a racist. Yes, both they and I are aware that it is 2016.

It seriously pisses me off when someone doesn’t accept everyone, or, at least, doesn’t judge them purely for their skin color. No one chooses to be born ‘black’ or ‘yellow’ or ‘brown’ or fucking ‘purple’ if you’re going to be talking about colors for crayons, not people.

Labels are for cans, not people.

I grew up like this, so why would I just be bringing it up right now? Well, something triggered it.

My mom was using my Facebook account to stalk some of our family members and her old friends.

This is a normal occurrence, and happens at least once a month. Why? Eh, you ask her. She refuses to make her own Facebook because she doesn’t want pictures of her on the internet. I’ve told her countless times that she doesn’t need pictures of her on it, for her to have the account. (There are plenty of super self-conscious people out there who don’t post pictures of themselves on their Facebook, she wouldn’t be the only one.)

None the less, she still yells at me and demands that I let her use my Facebook account because she is my mother and “[I] am not an adult yet, therefore [she] has all the say as to what I can and can’t do.” Keep in mind, ladies and gents, I am 18 years old.

There is plenty I do not know, or can’t do. I am aware of this. I’m legally an adult, but I do not let that get to my head. I try my hardest to respect my parents but something like this drives me insane.

Anyway, when it comes to letting my mom stalk people, I cave in.

I am an enabler folks, and I am aware of this.

However, this time was different. I let my mother stalk people on Facebook, as usual. Except this time she decided to look at my Facebook page; something she has never done in the past.

The next morning, I’m just sitting in the kitchen at the island, and she walks by me telling me that she has a task for me to complete. That task you may ask?

Take down my cover photo.

You, wonderful reader, may be wondering to yourself ‘Anita, I thought this was going to be about racism? Why are we talking about Facebook?’

Well… My cover photo wasn’t to her liking.
 Now you are probably thinking ‘What’s your cover photo?’.

For those of you who aren’t my friend on Facebook, here it is:

Look at how cute and happy I look, after I had just met a comedian I love?

That what should matter to my mother. How happy her daughter is…not his skin color.

My mother saw this, along with the rest of my pictures and became furious. She was yelling at me as to how I am a terrible daughter and a shame. For what you may ask? For having a picture with a ‘black guy’. Apparently for my mother, that is the equivalent of having her daughter go to prison.

Pardon my French but, that is complete bullshit. A crock of crap if you will.

I should be allowed to have whatever picture I want on Facebook.

Within reason obviously! One thing is for sure, I shouldn’t take down something purely because I’m with someone of a different race.

Stick up for yourselves, guys. I know my mother was born in a different country and raised with different values and what not, but that is no excuse for her behavior. I still love her but I swear, that woman gets on my nerves sometimes.

At the end of the day, I won’t take the picture down until I feel like I want to change my cover photo. I am happy that I am nothing like my mother when it comes to racism.

Love everyone,


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