3 Ways to Improve Transparency on Grailed

Buying designer menswear online can be difficult. You need to find the item you like, the colorway that goes together with the rest of your wardrobe, and the right size. Then you arrive at a listing that is too expensive. Who wants to pay $400 for these Common Projects anyway?

Only recently did eBay start addressing the plague of counterfeit goods. At the same time, menswear forums are generally described by scarce inventory and non-existent customer service. With the ascent of Grailed, menswear enthusiasts finally have a way to cop designer apparel for a reasonable price with the promise of reliable third party guarantee. Buying good looking yet used Common Projects on Grailed would set one back roughly $200.

Selling your Acne Jeans that got too tight after eating too much 🍕, became easier and cheaper. Posting a listing on Grailed requires filling in 20 fields (e.g. apparel category, shipping options, etc). Sounds like a lot? 😅 eBay targets professional sellers and offers whooping 50 fields to customize the listing. On top of that, eBay charges around 10% of the selling price on most products vs. 6% on Grailed.

The winner is obvious. Or is it? 🤔

A quick scan through /r/Grailed, reveals that there are many trust issues between buyers and sellers (e.g. scams, delayed shipping, replica goods, etc.). Having previously sold through Grailed and being generally excited whenever Rick Owens drops a collab with Adidas (Adidas x Rick Owens Level Runner Boost), I came up with ideas aimed at making the process of buying and selling on Grailed more transparent.

1. Community Means Identity

I was excited to discover Grailed. It is a place for like-minded people to trade goods as well as a way to peek into someone’s closet. Behind every listing is a story, and these stories have a main character. These characters deserve recognition and they should be made more visible.

2. Reputation Drives Sales

“Look after your clothes when they’re spick and span, and after your honor when you’re a young man.”

A good rating should help increase chances of selling more goods and in turn should provide reassurances to first time buyers about the safety of the transaction.

3. Showcase Past Successes

Rating indicates one’s performance but lacks personality and charisma. Having a 5/5 rating conveys the quality of the seller but says nothing about the nature of their goods. To strengthen the feeling of community, previous sales need to be easily accessible — this sparks interest in the seller’s future listings.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Below are examples of the current feed, listings, and profile pages. As well as, specific changes that incorporate the suggestions.

Feed Items


  • Only product information is shown.
  • No information about the person behind the listing is present.


  • To increase trust, seller’s username and visual rating are added.



  • Seller profile is at the bottom of the screen and includes mostly numerical data.
  • Option to follow seller blends in with headings.
  • Sellers are identified by nickname only.


  • Seller profile is prominently located at the top to aid discovery.
  • Profile picture is included to foster the community feeling.
  • Visual ranking is added for ease of understanding.
  • Option to follow is seller is placed on the same line as username.



  • Only current listings are shown.
  • Previous sales are hidden in Feedback section.
  • Profiles with goods sold and few current listings look empty.


  • Current listings are shown on the same page as sold items. This drives follows and instils the feeling of trust.
  • Sold items are grayed out to focus attention on the current listings.

These suggestions are easy to implement and the reasoning behind them is aligned with the core ethos of Grailed. After all, Grailed is a community marketplace for menswear enthusiasts.

Feedback of any kind is welcome.

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