Guide To Asexuality

Asexuality- having little to no sexual desire and/or having little to no physical attraction to any person.

There are many forms of Asexuality. Aromantic Asexual, Demi-Asexual, Homo/Hetero Asexual, etc…

Aromantic Asexual- Having little to no romantic interest.

Demi-Asexual- Only engages in physical contact after they form an emotional bond with the person.

Homo Asexual- A homosexual who has no interest in sex

Hetero Asexual- Same as above but a heterosexual.

Asexuality is known as the Fourth Sexuality and often the most invisible of the LGBT community. Some are born Asexuals some develop it. Most often, they are known to be called “confused” or “loveless”. In a world where sex has become the norm, being Asexual can come as a surprise to a person who is sexually active but it does not mean that Asexuals can have sex they just choose not too for they do not feel such desire.

Are Asexuals bullied? Why yes they are even within the LGBT community. The fact is, they do not understand about Asexuality and thus are prejudice, pushing Asexuals into having sex and such.

The one thing you have to know about Asexuality is- “Asexual Pirates are not interested in your booty” and “Let ’em eat cake”

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