1. Humans dare to naively believe they are the head of the food chain (which is wrong from several points of view).
    But we’re shortsightedly refuse to notice bigger and more powerful species around.
  2. We’re talking about cities.
    We think that we’ve built them for ourselves, but a pop-eyed purple alien observing us from a near orbit may conclude that we’re just delivery boys. From their perspective we are tiny blood cells serving a bigger organism.
    We carry all kinds of spoil to and from cities.
  3. We feed cities with metal, bricks, organics and inorganics, our own corpses, etc..
    Cities grow, they shit with dumps and urinate under themselves with poorly studied brownish solutions.
  4. Let’s be indulgent to ourselves: we’re not in charge for all that rubbish around. We should blame cities. Those huge organisms must be smart enough to cope with own feces.
  1. On the other hand there are smaller forms of life that we waive to consider alive. We’re talking about objects like mobile phones, chairs, pencils, plastic bags and so on. No, we have not gone crazy yet, but face it, they are (self-)reproduced, they mutate, they move.
  2. “But things can not do this on their own!” — a critical mind will exclaim.
    “True. Albeit, this applies to everything we’re accustomed to think alive” — we will reply boldly but modestly.
    Birds cannot fly just “on their own”, they employ air. Similarly, chairs cannot move by themselves, they employ humans.
  3. Every form of life depends entirely on the environment.
  4. If you please, the environment decides whether the thing is alive or not. It’s up to the environment whether to support a creature or not to. Whether to reproduce it or to erase.
  5. One may say we use things, but let me put it in another perspective: things are using us as a resource, as a supply chain, as a reproductive system. We’re not trying to say that you are the part of genital system of a smartphone, we’re declaring that.
  6. By the way, many living creatures have to carry their own reproductive organs. For some reason humans are required to carry and to maintain these usually idle inbuilt manufactures.
  7. Wouldn’t it be be great if a man could unhook his penis and keep it in a cool, dry place? After all (honestly) it is not used constantly, but only occasionally. Furthermore, it is rather risky to have that thing with you in some neighborhoods.
  8. Even smartphones are smarter in this regard. They don’t have reproductive system inbuilt, they’re incubated in shared factories.

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