Pain isn’t your temporary injury

if it leaves, it’s not pain. 
It never was.
If at all it hits you
hits you hard,
it’s like a blue ink
it leaves behind stains
that refuse to vanish
no matter who’s doing
the laundry.
It entertains like a dream 
long enough to confuse you
into reality
and it elopes into a faraway land
turning you into
a melancholic mess
engulfed in solitude
that becomes a more fathomable,
a more comfortable
white-sheets bed.

So, in your mind
you may think you're alone
all indulged on your own, 
what will you answer
if I say I too am one, 
one of your irrational thoughts 
or loathsome imageries
that hide behind the curtains
of your eyes?

I am the sight you thought you lost. 
I am the intrigued audience
when you’re on stage.

Therefore, let there be a time
from their goody mouth
and promising handshakes
for they're all true and pretentious
at their own convenience
and you must not ever
stand waiting
For you have a universe
within you
dying to come alive
and kill
with a smile.