How Do You Decide Which App Development Platform Is Right For You?

Mobile Apps have been found to revolutionize the way of work and personal lives of the people. Mobile apps have been developed for almost all the regular activities in the modern world, making mobile devices indispensable. Selecting and developing the right architecture for the mobile application is one crucial decision that needs to be made before building any app.

Different Mobile App Architectures

With several technology options being available, it is possible to develop mobile apps in different ways. The three fundamental mobile architectures are native, cross-platform, and mobile web apps. With each one having its own benefits and drawbacks, carefully analyzing the app requirement plays a vital role in choosing one.

  • Native Approach: Designed for running on specific device or operating system, building an app using this approach requires you to satisfy needs related to device access, user accessibility and experience, and disconnected functionality — Android Studio in Java works fine for developing native android apps while Swift that runs on iOS devices exclusively may be considered for native iOS apps
  • Hybrid Approach: Apps built using this cross-platform approach can run on multiple mobile platforms — ideal for big enterprises, this follows development using web-based technology
  • Mobile Web Apps: Designed to run over the Internet from a central server, mobile web apps are platform independent and can reach a very large target audience in short time with little effort — only, an Internet connection is a must

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