Millennials Want to Change the World. Why Don’t We Let Them?
Margo Aaron

Thanks for this article Margo! I was talking to a friend recently about millennials (so sorry, but Singapore faces about the same issues about millennials as in the USA). But she shared this insight — every generation makes disparaging comments about the generations after them.

So my parents may have been disparaged by my grandparents’ generation, and that was criticised by the generation before theirs too! But millennials get the brunt of the stick mainly because of the world and global trade and job situations they are in now.

Let’s try and aim to be more open and understanding. Some of my best colleagues are millennials, proof that we need not be viewed as old-fashioned, but we can work to be current and relevant, and in turn act to guide our millennials along the way, instead of shooing them from it. Thanks again for sharing this Margo and am looking forward to connecting with you on subjects likes these.

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