Are duplex houses a smart investment?

The definition of what counts as a “smart” investment has changed these days. The business used to be fairly simple in the recent past - search for a plot near an arterial road or a highway, build on that plot and sell it as a premium property. But with the rise of gated communities and the rise in the number of migrant workers into Bangalore, the location hardly matter - as long as it is near some mode of transport. What matters is what the builders are offering to the buyers, especially those who are looking to splurge on duplex flats or houses. What’s more, gated communities these days are not limited to apartments only, there has been a sudden spike in the number of gated communities catering to those who want independent duplex or triplex houses. If you are looking to invest your money in an apartment/ house in Bangalore and have a budget that is quite extensive, you may select a duplex house for sale in Bangalore.

Buyer sentiment has been suffering in the past couple of years, with a lot of owners suffering as a result of this, say property experts at However, experts suggest that when it comes to luxury properties, the rules that apply to simple apartments might not necessarily hold true. For example, there is a lot of evidence that those who want to invest in a luxury property, often prefer established buildings to new societies, to get the added advantage of moving into a locality that has all the facilities one can wish for. It also serves to give you that prime urban address.

Most luxury projects that are coming up in the newer areas of Bangalore are either too far away from the hub of the city and involve long hours of commuting to and from work or, have too many strings attached as far as the payment options are concerned.

Duplexes are, in general, a high risk investment as very often, they face construction issues and leakage problems if the builder uses material that is sub-par, or is relatively inexperienced in the field. Duplex houses offer the same sense of independence that an individual house does, with the added features of security and community that are offered by apartment complexes. A person who lives in a duplex house inside a gated community might have less trouble when it comes to annoying neighbours, or the housing society in general, as compared to those who live in apartment complexes.