Make your beautiful home with suitable home builder

While looking for a new house or a resale property in Kolkata, many people find it difficult to zero down their options, especially when it comes to luxury homes. With the buzz of online property sites like and, are offering easy to find Kolkata builders list, to make your property search easy and convenient.

There are many ways by which you can make your property search and buy less worrisome. You can also customise your apartment if buying at early construction stage.

So here are 5 tips for luxury home buyers to make your home look smarter, prettier with additional functionality, while making your buying decision.

Master bath

Get a homely master bathroom with sophisticated bath fixtures and pot laid in an aesthetic way. Modern homes have multiple sinks and wash tap openings to accommodate a Jacuzzi, power showers and washing machine.

Modern lighting solutions

Add nice and modern light fixtures to replace all the beat-up fixtures that often come in Bakelite finish. Best homes have a functional lighting layout that compliments the roof, tiles and air conditioning systems. Smart lighting solutions not only beautify the space, but also make it energy efficient.

Add landscaping as a theme

Feature walls, smart doors and window designs and floor tiles can be used to create a serene landscape indoors. Separate theme-based designs can be implemented across the Living area, bedrooms, kitchen, toilets and porches.

Use camouflage to beautify

Partitions, false ceiling, and appendages turn a house more functional. With a covered roof and partition, you can stash away extra items beyond the visible space. With smart utilities and camouflage brackets, you can also hide away the ugly wire lines, pipe lines and protrusions.

Walk-in closets

Walk-in closets and smart furniture go an extra mile in creating a beautiful ambience. Home builders in Kolkata offer extensive flexible storage options with modular structure in bedrooms, kitchen, baths and storage areas. Walk in closets are blended with the walls and the design of the room to satisfy the aesthetic benchmarks.

Home builders in Kolkata work closely with the decorators and designers to create fully functional and smart spaces within affordable budget. You can ask for customised options at the bookings stage itself.

With the mushrooming of builders in every Indian city, is also essential to make sure that you buy property from a reputed home builder.

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