Realties to look out for commercial real estate in 2017

One of the most expanding sectors of 2017 is real estate as always it is, owing to the rapid growth of urbanization that is followed by flourishing of residential along with commercial complexes to cater to the growing needs of the ever-mounting population in and around the cities.

Apart from the residential houses which are constantly on the rise and are spreading in the outskirts of the major cities as well, today, there are numerous commercial showrooms coming up throughout these cities. This includes automobile showrooms, retail showrooms, apparels showrooms, electronics showrooms and many more that are designed to meet the needs and luxuries of the common people. Even in Pune too, this is not different and therefore, the real estate agents or the realtors can assist people who are looking to buy shops in Pune with some of effective commercial real estate tips of 2017 that can guide in getting the appropriate property.

Real estate trends of 2017: Here is an account of the best commercial real estate trends that have to be kept in mind while going to buy shops in Pune or any other commercial property.

1. The commercial banks have slowed down in lending to the commercial real estate sector due to the growing defaulters and non-performing assets, mostly from this sector and on the other hand, the non-banking entities are coming up with attractive lending facilities this year.

2. By 2020, the Indian real estate sector is likely to rise to 180 USD and even more FDI is expected to arrive into the residential as well as commercial real estate sector in India. Therefore it will be the peak time for people to buy shops in Pune in this year opines experts at

3. Non-Resident Individuals (NRIs) will be investing more in the real estate sector including commercial real estate sector.

4. With the onset of FDI in all the sectors, the demand of commercial real estate spaces are likely to increase along with the accelerated demand for office spaces for the corporate and the multinational companies.

5. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has started working on PM Narendra Modi’s Smart City project that will also see a boom in the commercial real estate market.

6. SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) has simplified rules regarding the commercial real estate sector, therefore, making buying and selling easier for the commoners.

Hence, if one wants to buy shops in Pune, 2017 can be an excellent year for them.