The infrastructure woes of Horamavu residents

Horamavu, a fast developing suburb of Bangalore, is a popular residential locality with numerous housing options and a great civic environment. The area boasts of educational institutions, malls, shopping centres, banks, ATMs, retails outlets, entertainment centres and much more. Horamavy enjoys excellent connectivity to the rest of Bangalore through the Outer Ring Road. Railway station and International Airport lie close by. Being closer to the IT hubs of the city, Horamavu is a preferred residential spot for the employees working in the IT and ITeS sectors. This has ensured large scale real estate investment in the region leading to great demand for properties in Horamavu. However, in terms of infrastructure, the locality still remains underdeveloped. Lack of basic infrastructure is a problem that the residents of Horamavu have been facing for quite some time now. Right from potholed roads to polluted lakes, the issues that thwart the development of the region have remained largely unsolved even after continuous appeals and efforts by the residents.

Over population and underdeveloped infrastructure

Being the most populated ward of Bangalore, Horamavu suffers from all the woes associated with dense population. As it happens with over populated areas, road space is never sufficient in Horamavu. The roads across the locality and those that connect to the core city are potholed and hazardous for drivers and pedestrians alike. Night travel on these roads becomes a nightmare for two wheelers. The slushy roads during the monsoon season make the matter worse for the travellers. Street lights are also missing in most parts of the region.

Railway underpass divides road

Adding to the inconveniences of an ill maintained road is the on-going construction of the railway underpass on Horamavu Main Road. This has divided the busy road, making it impossible to cross the road on vehicles. As the road is already divided by railway tracks, pedestrians who need to cross the tracks are at great risk. Most of them now avoid this route and take alternate routes. This has affected businesses along the road where a number of stores line both sides. Another aspect of this issue is that property buyers are now unsure of their choices in Horamavu. There was a great demand for apartments in Horamavu before the underpass work started. As access to Jayanti Nagara and Kalkere is cut off now, daily commute becomes difficult for the residents. This deters many prospective buyers from finalising deals in Horamavu, leading to huge drop in sales for builders.

Improper drainage

Absence of proper drainage systems result in flooded roads during the rainy season. As the water cannot flow out, roads become a slippery mess with all the waste and mud accumulating in front of houses and flats in Horamavu. Garbage piled on footpaths is another issue that poses great concern for the residents. As the pedestrian spaces are occupied by waste materials, people have to walk on main roads. Broken underground sewage pipes remain unrepaired. Mosquitoes breed freely in these conditions, not to mention the stench that spreads miles across. The Horamavu Agara Lake and its banks have become the piling ground of garbage making it impossible for pedestrians to walk along the lakeshore.