The New Building Construction Techniques

Often, people are of the opinion that modern building construction has not changed since ages. However, it is an absolute myth! Building construction techniques have evolved, and will evolve in future too. Modern times are seeing innovative manufacturers, united warrantors and skilled workers who aim towards constructing better buildings with each completed project. This has resulted in the birth of numerous modern methods of construction of today’s buildings.

The real estate of every area is concentrating on modern building techniques. If you wish to buy a house in Kolkata, for instance, you will not only find the top most builders in Kolkata taking up modern methods, but also the not-so-popular builders doing so! And so that you know and recognize which are the modern inclusions in buildings, we at set out the following new building construction techniques for you below:

Offsite methods: These refer to modern building construction techniques where construction has been already done in a factory-controlled environment. The offsite components and materials include:

1. Closed, open and filled cell timber frames,

2. Lightweight steel frames,

3. Structurally Insulated Panels or SIPs,

4. Semi SIPs,

5. Multilayered solid engineered timber

6. Precast concrete panels.

The benefits of offsite method include:

1. Reduced project management costs

2. Reduced wastage on building sites

3. Reduced time of each project

4. Reduced professional fees

5. Reduced dependence on weather

6. Increased project quality

· Onsite methods: Onsite methods are modern building methods where systems and components are brought together and assembled mostly on the building site. The typical onsite systems are:

1. Stick built timber frame

2. Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF)

3. Clay blocks or Thin Joint Block work

4. Oak framed buildings (assembled on site)

The benefits of onsite building methods include:

1. Increased air tightness, hence increased thermal performance of buildings

2. High tolerance of buildings

3. Increased speed of work on site

4. Increased work quality

5. Reduced time of project

6. Increased waste reduction on sites

· Eco Buildings or Green Buildings: These refer to construction methods which are both modern and old, and creating environment friendly buildings. The main ideas of these methods include using building materials with minimum processing, and enhancing sustainability. The typical eco building types include:

1. Subterranean

2. Earth sheltered

3. Earth buildings

4. Hemp Crete

5. Straw

Hemp Crete and Earth buildings for example, use natural materials like hemp stalks, straw, clay, sand and gravel which are easily and locally available on sites. Earth sheltered buildings, on the other hand, make buildings partially or fully above the ground, with the entire house covered with mud and clay. These methods are not very popular, especially in urban India, but are gaining momentum across the world with more and more environmental challenges coming up every day.

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