What type of home builder to choose for new home?

When you are out to make a purchase for a new home, the choice of builder is of paramount significance. With so many new builders and developers entering the market each day and lot of real estate scams happening in different parts of the country, it can sometimes get tough to choose the best home builder for your needs.

Every city or area has its own set of home builders who are well aware with the local logistics. Sometimes local builders offer better value for money deals compared to bigger brands and pan India builders. For example if you are looking for a property in Chandigarh, check out best home builders in Chandigarh dealing exclusively in the tri-city area.

Here are some other tips to choose a home builder for your individual needs laid down by Sulekha Properties, the leading online real estate marketplace in India.

Check the builder’s transparency in dealings: Check out how transparent the home builder is in his day to day dealings. Seek maps of property including layouts and government approvals. If the builder is willing to share them openly and in a transparent manner you can be sure of the builder credibility in that area.

Find out previous work experience: Check the previous work experience of your builder to ascertain the details of their work. Being a city centric builder it would not be too difficult to zero in on the previous works and check out how the construction activity panned out for their earlier projects.

Meet earlier buyers: If there are buyers living in an earlier project try and meet them to get first hand information on the builder and any associated problems. Nothing works better than interacting with someone who has been in your shoes previously.

Balance between price and brand: You do not have to choose a new builder and you can very well go in for a well known brand but compare the price performance ratio of your choice. Spending extra just to be associated with a branded can be a bad decision when you can get the same value from a new builder.

Real estate decisions have to be made carefully and with a lot of planning. Do a good home work through referrals, planning and a good online research, before choosing a builder or project.

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