5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating in your Job Search

  • We’ll wait and see if our job gets better.
  • The promotion, or the raise, will solve our problems.
  • We just need to get transferred so we can work under a different boss.
  • The right new job just hasn’t come around yet.
  • I’m waiting for some companies to get back to me on my applications.
  1. Pick a trustworthy friend or mentor. Someone who can hold you to your promise with tough love.
  2. Identify the task you have been procrastinating on — the job application, updating your resume, or making your portfolio. Think about how much time you would reasonably take to complete it (in terms of days) and multiply it by two. For tasks that take less than one day, give yourself two days, maximum. Commit to that date as your completion date and write it down.
  3. Next, pick a person or an organization that you don’t like or have strong negative feelings about. For example, your opposing political party or an association whose message or mission you disapprove of.
  4. Consider a monetary amount that if you lose, it would sting you, but not bankrupt you. Write a check for that amount you pick and make the check out to the person or organization that you selected above.
  5. Give the check to the person you picked and ask them to mail the check to the organization or person you chose in step 3, if they are not informed by the date you selected in step 2 that you have completed your task.
  6. Watch the miracle happen.
  1. What do you think you would have if you got the job?
  2. What is the worst that could happen if you got the job?
  3. What does it mean to you if you didn’t get the job?
  4. What do you believe you should do before you think you’re ready to apply for the job?
  1. All the resources you need to do it are free and available in many languages on thework.com
  2. It is simple to learn, use, and teach.
  3. It works if you do it sincerely. All it takes is an open mind.
  1. Is it true?
  2. Can you absolutely know that it is true?
  3. How do you react when you believe that thought?
  4. Who would you be without that thought?



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Arun Coumar

Arun Coumar

Strategy Consultant. Career Coach. London Business School MBA