Going All-In with a Digital Marketing Platform

With HubSpot’s Growth Stack

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When we started our journey with digital marketing in 2010, we began to organically adopt tools — mostly free — to solve our problems. We had a Wordpress site with several extensions, performed keyword research with Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, etc, distributed social media content with HootSuite, Gmail & MailChimp for email marketing and a lot of manual work with Excel to collate data for reporting and analytics. Working with this set of disjointed tools took a lot of enablement to understand how to use them properly, took a lot of time to use them and also to reconcile data between them.

Soon our small team was ‘paralysed by scattered solutions’. Instead of the tools working for us, we ended up working for our tools.

We knew that we needed to adopt a more streamlined solution. We started to review various marketing automation platforms and eventually settled for HubSpot. HubSpot made it easier for us to get to know their solution stack through their regular blog posts, their excellent Academy, free tools (especially their WebSite Grader), video content and content on their site. We started with HubSpot Marketing, then HubSpot CRM and finally with HubSpot Sales.

Going all-in with HubSpot made it a lot easier for our team to get more done with fewer steps and mistakes. We started off small and with increasing confidence we turned on more effective tools and improved on our ROI.

Getting our entire team to realise that Inbound Marketing was the way forward to drive our business in an increasingly digital business environment. Our previous outbound practices of telemarketing, organising events, etc were failing to produce suitable outcomes. Every member of our team is Inbound Marketing certified. It is easier for them to understand why we need to generate high quality content on a regular basis to serve our growing audience, how we can distribute our content on multiple social media platforms in a more automated way to be more efficient, and the ability of everyone to review the analytics to determine the success of our efforts and areas where improvements are required.

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