In a Friendly Neighbourhood Universe…

Tom Holland to join Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield…

Before you picture Spider-man moving out of the MCU, let me snap you into a universe where nothing like this happens. A universe where everything is stable in the MCU. Also, this is a heads up of how the episodes of Marvel’s ‘What If?’ *might* look like.

Imagine you wake up in July 2019 — Spider-man: Far From Home is released and guess what, it’s not a disappointment. The villains are not blaming Tony Stark for their villain origin story, Nick Fury is not babysitting Peter and amusingly, Spider-man is a real superhero, not Tony’s kid. The movie ends with the mid-credits where J.K Simmons is making a comeback as Jameson, and Mysterio has revealed Spidey’s identity before he dies (or not). Cutting to end credits where we see a guy walk up to peter and say “My name is Mathew Murdock and I am your attorney”.

That is right, the Netflix shows are not canceled and we actually see this crossover happening. The possibility of Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin being the villain of the next Spider-man movie seems real.

Time passes by….

It is 2030 and the trailer for Secret wars gets released with the ‘complete’ MCU characters like X-men, Fantastic Four, and of course, Deadpool. The movie releases later and well, there is an end-credits in phase 4 and we see Spider-man talking to Hawk-eye who has lost his one eye.

Yes, you got it right. It all leads up to the events of old man Logan (2017) and fin. But of course, this ain’t going to happen in this universe, so let us hope for the next Spider-man to break the curse and stay, unlike other Spider-men.

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