PM Modi pitches investors to invest in India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wooed investors with lucrative business opportunities in India during his speech in St Petersburg, Russia on Friday. He said that relation between India and China are going to next nevel as we are celebrating 70 years of our friendship.

While addressing the plenary session of St Petersburg International Economic Forum, PM Modi said about the investment opportunities and economic security available in India and said that 125 crore people are giving you an investment invitation. He also mentioned the initiatives taken by the government to facilitate FDI and said that international rating agencies had identified India as one of the top three destinations for FDI.

He listed various reforms undertaken by government in past three years and said, “Minimum government, maximum governance and ‘red carpet instead of red tape’ have been the basis of governance reforms in India.” He also mentioned about GST being implemented from July 1, which will bring a uniform tax system across the country.

PM Modi, showing concordant with Russian President Vladimir Putin, emphasized on the use of technology and said it is going to play a key role. Modi also mentioned the availability of huge skilled labour force in India.