Best Reasons to learn Oracle Access Management(OAM)

Overview :
Oracle Access Management could be a complete resolution designed to firmly alter business transformation with mobile and social networking technologies, hybrid on-premise and cloud applications readying, and hybrid access management readying whereas conserving a seamless user expertise, centralized administration, and market-leading performance and measurability.

Key features :
Cores Services 
• Multiple authentication schemes 
• internet single sign-on (SSO) 
• Session management life cycle 
• Coarse-grained authorization

Intelligent Access Management 
• Context-aware (device context, geo-location, session context, dealing context) 
• Content-aware (leveraging content classification) 
• Risk-aware (real-time risk assessment supported context and policies) 
• Context, content, and risk driven, dynamic, change of magnitude authentication and fine-grained authorization

Adaptive Access 
• Device process 
• prognostic auto-learning 
• Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) 
• One-time countersign (OTP) exploitation SMS, email, or Oracle Mobile appraiser (a soft token OTP mobile app)

Fraud Detection and Investigation 
• time period and batch analysis (heuristic behaviour analysis) 
• Universal risk shot

Identity Federation 
• Support for SAML two.0, OpenID 2.0, OAuth 2.0

Mobile Security 
• Client-side SDK for authentication, SSO, and delegated authorization (OAuth) 
• Support for accommodative Access options

API and web Services Security 
• Authentication, authorization 
• format (XML, JSON) and transfer protocol translation 
• XML firewalling and suffocation

Cloud Security 
• Access Portal (on-premise readying to create a cloud SSO portal)

Benefits :
• scalability (support for up to 250 million user accounts). 
• High availableness with active-active multiple data center support. 
• Dynamic, proactive security posture, avoiding the common pitfalls of reactive, static security systems.

OAM Tutorial include OAM Videos and this provides also the OAM Material for study purpose.

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