NDVX tokens create Master-Nodes. This type of Torrent-Node provides a higher rate income (8%) for their participation in the information storage,dissemination services, and content review.

Before we discuss how to use the NODVIX feature, I will first explain a little about this NODVIX project, as I have read NODVIX is a 24-hour P2P broadcast platform designed to display interesting video content and specifically relevant for unlimited interest like you. NODVIX is a set, open to all, real-time, video content platform designed to reduce the restrictions found in the $ 1.7 trillion broadcast market today.

NODVIX has provided a solution for you which is powered by a decentralized blockchain that greatly change the world of digital broadcasting for your content creators, advertisers and viewers. The absence of KYC, government censorship and ease of entry for new content makers creates a unique environment for true freedom of speech. Advertiser benefit from sponsoring content that is relevant to their business while paying a small portion of what the market demands because traditional networks charge an average of $ 394,000 per 30 seconds of media.

NODVIX is media content that organizes its own, peer-to-peer, decentralized and anonymous platform with open source continuous online broadcasting, using crypto own currency as payment for services. The concept of the project is to provide continuous broadcasting of various unique media content: from music to popular science show, without censorship or bias, where everyone can be part of the broadcast.

End User Interface
Users will be able to watch 24-hour content through the platform based on their interests and preferences.
This media is split into different categories as assigned by the Torrent-Nodes. Within these channels will be a wide range of user-uploaded content available for both streaming and download based on a users preference for online or offline viewing.

Advertiser Interface
Advertisers upload their promotional media (banners and videos) to the NODVIX platform along with a request specifying the category they would like to appear on. Some categories will be more popular than others, and as such, the price for those categories will be higher to reflect the increased number of impressions. There are plans for a statistics page that will assist advertisers with their marketing campaign.

Content Maker Interface
The content maker creates media, uploads it to the platform and distributes it through the torrent client with the help from the Torrent-Nodes.
The Torrent-Nodes then rate the content. Content which scores higher on the rating list will have a higher likelihood of being broadcast on air. The content maker receives 83% of the advertisement revenue, which has been pre-paid by the advertiser. Total profit will depend on the duration of the video, the category of the broadcast channel and the overall rating of the video itself, as decided by the Torrent-Nodes.
Payment to content makers will be paid in NDVX tokens directly to their unique hash-file address associated with the media content that generated the profit.

NODVIX Fundamentals
Decentralized Peer-to-Peer broadcasting and content storage that is highly resistant to censorship, bias, and blocking
Self-regulating content management and monetization of media enabled through the utilization of “Torrent Nodes”
Easy and unrestricted access for all market participants with no limitations placed on geographic location or governmental censorship
Free, equitable access for advertisers and content-makers
An honest division of income to video content creators, publishers, and advertisers
A vast selection of TV channels with globally created content open to all.

How to use NODVIX
The NODVIX platform is designed to be easy to use for both end user and Torrent-Node :
A user creates or uploads content to the NODVIX platform. Content could be a music video, news story, film, or anything with a frame rate.
Advertisers upload banner adverts and media to the NODVIX platform. These adverts are reviewed, rated and authorized by the Torrent-Nodes.
A torrent-file (hash file) is generated and uploaded to the Torrent-Nodes. The file also contains a unique encrypted wallet address where profits will be sent.
The Torrent-Nodes vote to categorize the content, as well as review the content. Should the content be illegal in nature, the Torrent-Nodes will permanently block the file.
Adverts are placed into the content by the Torrent-Nodes. Adverts will appear in a non-intrusive manner periodically while being relevant to the category of media being viewed.
The finished content is then broadcast to the NODVIX platform network.
Content is placed in one of many specialized channels based on the Torrent-Nodes categorization.
Users can watch 24-hour content through the platform based on their interests and preferences.

NODVIX (NDVX) Token and Distribution
The company’s internal digital currency, NDVX, is an ERC20 token and used as both a means of payment and an enabler for the Torrent-Node network. With the help of the token, advertisers can pay for services at a discount that provides them with a significant advantage over the standard centralized FIAT models. This also helps to increase the liquidity and value of the token.

The ecosystem is enabled through the use of the NDVX token. These tokens are distributed between the system and its participants.

The following outline shows how the different parties interact within the NODVIX ecosystem :

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