Women are blessed to enjoy the bliss of carrying a child in their womb but what does it take for a man to travel through the process of pregnancy along with their partner?

This day, 11 APRIL 2015, my pregnancy test confirmed positive. As I ran down from my toilet to tell my husband, he was already set to hear the great news. His eyes spoke million words of enthusiasm. There began another adventure together.

My husband always treated me like a queen but during my pregnancy I realized what it is to live a life on a golden plate. Initial three months were filled with excitement, not many pregnancy symptoms showed up. It took 2 months to sink in that there is a tiny little baby in my stomach.

I messed up ; he cleaned

The crazy days began with vomitting in the 3rd month. I suffered from ‘hyperemesis gravidarum’ which is an excessive vomitting diseases during pregnancy. All that I did the whole day was to throw up everything that I ate and excessive vomitting would lead to blood vomitting. With minimum energy left , I spent my days resting in the bed. My husband washed up all the mess and will gently hold my hands to assure his presence with love. Those soothing moments helped me breathe through those tough days. He would actually research what I threw up and would make sure he avoided those food in our diet. I’ve felt grosse to wash and clean up my own mess but my husband did this throughout my pregnancy, day and nights without showing any signs of awefulness.

I relaxed; he worked

His day started at 5.30 am. He woke up to make my breakfast and lunch, get ready and leave to office by 8. After his long day at work, he cycled back home rather than taking the bus so that he could reach home early.After a burned out 45 min cycling ride, he would come home smiling and his face will always question me of my health. Instantly he would rush to the kitchen to cook my supper. Cleaning the house, washing vessels and clothes were all saved up for the night after I went to sleep. This was my husband’s routine every single day for 8 months until my mom flew to the UK to give us a helping hand. All that I did or rather was able to do was to eat, vomit, sleep, vomit, rest, vomit and oh did I mention the most important one VOMIT.

His strong pregnancy symptoms and cravings similar to mine

The endless trips to toilets mostly during the night was always accompanied by my husband advise words to walk carefully to the toilet. I wondered how he was always alert and knew that I’m going to the toilet. Was my urinary bladder connected to his in any ways ? Such doubts do occur during pregnancy. He always stocked up my snack tray with fruits, buscuits, crisps and nuts. If I had one he would finish the rest of all. His tummy was perfect competition to mine. We enjoyed our cravings together.

Our big day…

After being induced with pain and advised to walk till labour pain begins, my husband made me walk around the hospital and we climbed around 900 steps together, encouraging me at every step. His supportive gestures made me clench to my excitement and smile all the way. My contractions begin, he taught me to breathe, he helped me to bear with my pain and he quietly kept tracking my contractions. He took over the role of midwife once I got into labour. Every time I shouted in pain, his decisive words “Breathe, breathe, breathe” actually made me propel through each contraction. Now when I think back of my labour day, these words echo loudly in my ears. Inspite of me tearing his shirt, pulling his hairs, biting him few times, literally squeezing his bones when I hugged him tight in pain to surpass each contraction, my mighty husband stood next to me like a solid rock bearing all my oblivious tantrums for 32 hours of labour without sleep, food and rest. Not a minute he moved away from my sight. He took over the situation so well, that the doctors were spell bound and asked him to seriously consider taking up this profession.

After a doze of anesthesia, the doctors used forceps to deliver my baby. My husband was there inside the operation theatre holding my hands and suddenly I felt my right cheek wet. Completely dopy, I opened my eyes to look at him and his moist eyes, his blissful face revealed the birth of my little precious baby. It’s taken that little feet to make him emotional and tear-jerking.

I carried my baby; he carried both his babies

What a doting man he is. Without him I could have not started this journey and sailed through it successfully. He not only safeguarded my baby but also protectively took care of me. What more can a wife ask for. I dare not to refer pregnancy as “my pregnancy” because it was always treated as “our pregnancy”. Every time I look at my husband, this song repeatedly plays in my mind — “ Thuj mein rab dhikta hai” which means I can see God in you. Yes, he is our God chosen saviour. We could have not survived without him.My baby is blessed to have him as his father. He is the best gift my baby could ever ask for. He is none other than my loving husband BALAJI KRISHNAMOORTHY.