Light and Darkness…

Light – a form of energy, an electromagnetic fan with rays of different wavelength, says Science. It moves around objects and illuminates them. It is this light that helps us to see the worldly melange and cherish its entities.

However, the term ‘Light’ is being used in different contexts. When someone says, “I see a light in his eyes”, it is confidence. While Rumi says, “If light is in your heart, you will find your way home”, optimism dawns over us there. When someone guides you the way up, you give them the credit for bringing light into your lives. Now, that’s progress.

Intense heat and light goes together. If a body is brightly burning, it emits a bright light by nature. This is a science-told fact. Similarly, if there is a burning desire in you, its light will persuade you to become great.

This way, we have got used to relating all the pleasant and good things around us to light that we always take darkness as light’s antonymous figure of speech. Isn’t it the darkness of a space that makes us realize the necessity of light? Will there be a need for electric lamps if there is daylight all the time? Even nature is designed to have a day’s half to be dark. After a deep sleep that night bestows on us, we wake up to grab the chances the day gives.

Had you happened to come across a dark tunnel, is it wise to keep your fingers crossed and move ahead or being struck there scared of darkness? When we have light all around, we tend to walk carelessly and stumble upon things. While we learn to walk cautiously even over steep and sharp corners when it’s dark;

Darkness brings out the patience in you; you get to spot out your true and real lanterns there. Pleasant situations tend to keep you cozy at times, distracting you from our goals, might even keep us unaware of our surroundings. But, tough times will never allow you to dwell comfortably in them. It will keep pushing us out of it towards getting better. So, it is not Darkness that is bad; it is the conventional fear that resides in us for being inside it.

Picture courtesy: Roney Mathew

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