Last New Year’s Eve…

Dear Diary,

I can hardly believe it is New Year’s Eve already! Last year this time, mommy and daddy had no clue I was on my way :D I was on strict orders from God to stay hidden until the New Year rolled in…but it was sooo tough! I mean, who can keep something like a baby secret, right? *smirk*

Anyway! I remember that mommy was all wound up wondering what to wear to the Hilton party and I was like, “Party…? What’s that now?” I heard her discussing with daddy that she’d be doing some last minute shopping before meeting him at home. And then we (yeah, me and an unaware mommy) took off on her bike!! Wheee…pom pom! Pom pom!! What a ride that was!! It felt like I was on some kind of adventure and my tiny stomach was feeling a little queasy too…Poor mommy, she had to pull over to the side and take a break…my topsy-turvy tummy had made her uncomfortable :/ I hotlined God from my cushy bed and asked if I could let her know I was in…and he just hung up on me! X-(

We were running up some stairs now and I could hear her talking to some women. And then, for quite sometime nothing seemed to be happening so I decided to sneak in a quick nap :p All of a sudden, I was jolted awake! We were back on the bike. We were going home!

Once home, mommy felt like a little tornado running around the house :D And I was enjoying the whole show! Daddy was around too and he was running his own show, I’m guessing…A number of times they banged into each other, which wasn’t very pleasant for me :| But hey, they had no clue about me so I decided to let it go ():-)

Daddy and mommy were making a lot of noise locking up the house and soon they were on the elevator. Mommy seemed tired from the inside and I wondered what she would be doing at this party…but I kinda fell asleep in between…I was tired too…

Sometime later…

I could smell something nice and I was sure it was my mommy! Daddy was telling mommy how pretty she looked and I could feel mommy getting all shy :D Oh really, how cute are these two! :D Suddenly, there was a blinding flash! It was photo time, so I put on my best pout and posed away!





I bet you can see me there…there…just behind the clutch…you can right? Thought so :D

Some more time later…

Wow!!! What’s all that noise??? Hello….I’m trying to get some shut eye here, do you mind? :| But the noise kept thumping along and I could hear mommy and daddy wishing each other a happy new year:) Oh, if only they knew what lay ahead…It got so difficult for me to keep news about me to myself and I decided I’d give mommy some hints. And, voila! I sent her scurrying across to the toilet…once, twice, thrice…oh comeon!!! Don’t you feel me jumping on your bladder? But I heard mommy telling daddy that maybe she had had too much to drink and that she should stop :| She was being really obtuse :|

Time for Plan B X-)

I did a couple of backflips inside her tummy and then ran around waving my tiny arms to imaginary applause B-) Yup, it worked! Mommy was back in the loo, this time retching…Yup, it wasn’t a pretty sight :/

Sorry, mommy!:(

But once again, she put the blame on what she drank. Now really, what did she drink? :| I was too tired now to think of another plan. I mentally glared at God and decided I will have to wait unnoticed for some more time after all :(

But, now exactly a year later, here I am! I’m a girl apparently :D My name is Nakshatra Udayshankar Anikode (really, mom and dad? :|) and I am three months old! I feel kind of sad that this year, there is no great flurry of activity…like no one’s getting dressed up and there are no loud noises either. Looks like there isn’t a party to go to this year :( I wonder if they miss that? I think they do…and I am going to give them one of my best gurgles at 12 a.m. to make up for it! :D

There, now you can really see me :)

Happy 2016, everyone! :)