Zapdel, because consumers need options!

Who doesn’t love good food! Be it Shahi Paneer at your favorite restaurant or a non pretentious bun-tikki outside the college gates, anything and everything that tastes great often catches our fancy. After all who would like to miss out on a tasty delight?

The only glitch — not everything can be had in the comfort of our cozy indoors. Now this causes immense pain, if you know what I mean!

This can be vouched by those, whose home delivery orders get turned down simply because they stay too far from the restaurant. After all, it is not uncommon to receive restaurant flyers highlighting sumptuous delicacies with a small catch — denoted by the killer asterisk sign — ( * ) !

It is the sign that says –“* Delivery only within a radius of 3 km!!

Add to that, when the take away menu prescribes a minimum order size for free home delivery or a delivery charge same as the price of an aloo tikki burger — all your craving for restaurant ka khana goes for a spin.

Abhiudaya & I created Zapdel because we believe true love for food is meaningful when it is not constrained by caveats, terms & conditions and asterisk signs. While we have a hard earned on field experience of delivering food, through, the consumer facing tech was a challenge. Driven by the core philosophy, engineers at Zapdel have created a platform which allows one to select restaurants and menus from a wide range of offerings so that food lovers never run out of options. It provides free home delivery without any limitation on delivery distance or order size. To top it all, one can club orders from different outlets and get it delivered at one’s doorstep — without any delivery charge.

I’ll keep updating the space with on job learnings of a food logistics startup while the sector has drawn most flak besides hyperlocal delivery :)