Top 10+ Blockchain Development Companies | Hire Blockchain Developers in USA, UAE & India

List of Best Blockchain Technology Development Companies & Developers — 2018 Reviews

Top 10 Blockchain development companies in USA, UAE, UK & India
List of best Blockchain Development Companies in India, USA, UK & UAE | Top Blockchain Developers -2018 Reviews

Nowadays, the arrival of Blockchain development stands the most fabulous application used for financial purposes. In fact, it quickly discovers proper measurements and users using the Blockchain development forever. With the powerful application, it provides a great way for calculating the financial needs use every time. Here, some of the top 10 blockchain companies are listed below as follows.

Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies | Hire Blockchain Developers

#1. LeewayHertz- #1 Blockchain Development Companies

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Contact: 877–801–8115 | Founded: 2007| Employees : 250–299

best 10 blockchain companies

LeewayHertz provides end to end solutions to build enterprise-grade blockchain applications. They are experienced in development of multiple blockchain applications for Global Supply Chain, Identity Solution on blockchain and utility bill generation using blockchain and many more.

LeewayHertz has experience working with distributed ledger technology including Hyperledger, Ethereum, R3Corda, and Hashgraph. LeewayHertz has deployed Smart Contracts using Solidity, node.js and Go on both public and private blockchain. LeewayHertz has 10 years of experience building over 100 enterprise-grade digital platforms that are being used by millions of users across the world. An experienced blockchain development company with a deep understanding of AI, IoT, and cloud services.

Expertise: Blockchain Development & Services , Smart Contract Development, Hyperledger, Private blockchain, Supply Chain Blockchain, dApps.

#2. Kamtor-Top Blockchain Development Services & Solutions

Headquarters: Estonia & Russia

Contact: 372 8804547 | Founded: 2017| Employees : 11–50

Advanced Blockchain Solutions

Kamtor is one of the mainstream firm plans to offer the best programming development outcomes, as a blockchain-focused developer which provides advanced solutions based on private and public blockchains such as Hyperledger, R3, EOS, Ethereum and others.

This blockchain software development company offers the best solutions and services for various types of businesses. So, you can undoubtedly approach this organization for beeng gotten the best service of blockchain developing.

Today, Kamtor’s team consists of 30+ developers. For a relatively short period of the company’s existence, Kamtor’s team have built a high class infrastructure, focused on results and clients’ satisfactions.

Expertise: Custom Coins & Wallet Development, Services for ICO, Custom & Private Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Exchange & Funds.

#3. Crowdcreate-Best Blockchain App Development Agency

Headquarters: India, Australia, Canada & USA

Contact: N/A | Founded: 2014 | Employees : 11–50

Enterprise blockchain companies

The crowdcreate is a topnotch company for enterprise blockchain app development services and span to deliver the secure and centralized applications. It is covered under various domains and that is vital for integrating with data and compliances. This team is developing ICO and manage to develop wallet that has essential features discovered in the landing page and others. With secure transfers, and other exchanges, cryptocurrency development is carrying out by this team.

Expertise: Crypto Community Management, Blockchain & ICO Marketing & Top ICO Crypto Influencer.

#4.Valuecoders-Leading Blockchain Development Firm

➜ Headquarters- India & Dubai

ValueCoders is a Blockchain development company focused only upon one thing — quality app development services. 13+ years of business and 450+ strong developers, they’ve worked with newly established companies, software development companies, digital agencies, and businesses to help streamline their transactions and reduce time/cost in the market. Do you need experts to build a Blockchain app at a competitive price? As a Blockchain development company, ValueCoders provides global unparalleled services for Blockchain development and offer a wide range of business verticals and help them increase their market reach, growth and return on investment.

Expertise: Blockchain Wallet apps development, ICOs and Cryptocurrency apps development, Ethereum & Hyperledger development

#5. PixelCrayons- Custom Blockchain Development

Headquarters: Delhi, India

Contact: +91 888 210 8080 | Founded: 2004| Employees : 450+

Custom Block development Firms

Based in the heart of India, Delhi; PixelCrayons is trusted blockchain development company. Their Blockchain developers have expertise in developing a blockchain service network, smart contract, bitcoin, cryptocurrency development, and ICO related development etc. Since the inception of the company in the year 2004, they have served small businesses as well as big enterprises, agencies and startups. You will also get 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your project. With 450+ full time employees, they have successfully completed 11500+ projects till now.

Expertise: Blockchain Development, Related Solidity, Dapp, and Ethereum development, Cryptocurrency development, ICO consulting Blockchain Implementation. Wallets and Exchanges, Blockchain Consulting, and Product Development.

#5.Code-Brew-Leading Blockchain Development Firm

Headquarters: USA, India & UAE

Contact: + 917087840887 | Founded: 2013| Employees : 201+

Best Blockchain Developers

Code-brew is a leading blockchain development company, which offers excellent IT services like Design, strategy, mobile app development, website development, blockchain development etc. A team of skilled professionals pays special attention to communication and requirement analysis which helps understanding the complex problems and gives solutions for them.

Expertise: Blockchain Development & Experts, Hire Blockchain developer, Private Blockchain Development, Smart Contracts, Smart Contracts Audit, Solidity & Ethereum.

#7.Collonmade-Roling Blockchain Development Company

Headquarters: India

blockchain app design & services

Collonmade is ready offers the complete private Blockchain Development. Collonmade lets your business to get private Blockchain implementation helping the business to the wide extent. The professional team uses the cryptography for storing the data on the distributed ledger. Experienced Bot developers offer quality services for developing and customizing the bots for the Facebook Messenger and many more.

Expertise: angularjs, angular 2.0, ionic, ionic 2.0, android, ios, java, node.js, hadoop, apache spark, cassandra, HBase, Blockchain-based applications, Bitcoin services app development, Ethereum development, Smart contracts,

#8.SuhradInfotech-Top-notch Blockchain Development & Services

Headquarters: Gujarat, INDIA & USA

Contact: +919099055369 | Founded : 2014 | Employees : 11–50

top 10 blockchain android app services

The Suhrad Infotech is among the top 10 blockchain development company who is creating mobile applications, Blockchain, and AI development services. The services are designed according to e-commerce solutions as well as include marketing techniques for your need and desires. Based on IT solutions, the blockchain support qualified for testing so understand it completely.

providing a salient approach for getting blockchain development forever.

Expertise: Supply Chain Blockchain, Private Blockchains, Develop Financial, Health Care, Retail, Manufacturing, Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Wallets, Loan Data Sharing , Crowd Sale, Proof of Existence.

#9.Intellectsoft-Leading Blockchain Consulting & Development Company

Headquarters: CA, USA

Contact: +16503004335 | Founded : 2007 | Employees : 2001–500

top 10 blockchain development companies

Besides, the Intellectsoft Company is an emerging team who is delivering blockchain domain for everyone. It includes different techniques for operating Cryptocurrency and many companies are having leading access. The company is focusing on the financial needs by developing blockchain platform everywhere. Based on the client’s review, the company provides development in Blockchain and financial needs.

Expertise: Blockchain technology consulting, Public & Private Blockchain Development, Distributed Applications, Smart Contracts Audit Services, AML/KYC Compliance, Best Cryptocurrency & Wallets & Exchanges, Cryptocurrency hard forks.

#10.Prolitus-Enterprise Blockchain Development Solution

Headquarters: USA, UK & India

Contact:+ 0120–6517460 | Founded : 2005 | Employees : 51–200

top blockchain development companies

To manage the Blockchain development, the Prolitus works with expert’s team and hence fulfill the requirements accordingly. It helps them quickly manage financial operations and functioning as per the business needs. The company focus on the blockchain technologies used for everywhere around the globe. This includes core services and manages with business needs. With full application security, the team works for functionality purposes.

Expertise: Blockchain development, Blockchain Consulting, Private Blockchain Development, Smart Contracts, Poc development.

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Top 10 Blockchain Companies & Developers .


In the present world, company takes the precise advantages of using blockchain technology. Even the benefits also range from security as well as reliability.

If you prefer to promote your business you must choose the best company who offer best Blockchain app development services, but before that you must consider below aspects,

Hassle Free Communication:

Now you can easily get company details through online by taking company reviews and also get guidelines from the experts. Along with the experience it is also important to analyze the experience and effects of communications related to the firm. However professionals always available to offer technical support so you must hire the best company to get effective solutions. Even they provide communication support to eliminate all the issues also provides new development ideas to meet different needs.


Before going to choose any services, you should compare the top ten companies with its unique experience and expertise in the industry. The above-mentioned list will help you to take ultimate benefits. With the help of the list you can easily choose reputed company based on your business needs and requirements.

Friendly Support:

However, Blockchain is really essential and popularly considered as the underlying technology behind Bitcoin so always choose the company that offer best service with friendly support for the quality Blockchain app development. The experienced professional always offers best solutions to offer high-end output with friendly support.

Additional blockchain UI/UX Design & Developers by Others

11. Zfort Group — Leading Blockchain Development Company

Headquarters: Ukraine, UK, Australia & Germany

Contact: +12122569243 | Founded : 2000 | Employees : 51–200

top blockchain design & developers

Zfort Group is a Full Service IT provider. We build custom software projects and dedicated teams for businesses across the globe since 2000. Over the past few years, Blockchain development has become one of our core competencies. Zfort Group helps clients launch ICOs, write smart contracts, create DApps, and more. With our Blockchain solutions, the companies from Healthcare, Finance, Real Estate, Retail, Logistics, and beyond transform the way they work and deliver customer services.

Expertise: Smart Contract Development & Audit, Private Blockchain Development, Blockchain Consulting, DApp Development, ICO Development & Launch, Wallets, Exchanges, Cryptocurrencies, Hyperledger Development, Ethereum Development, Multi Chain/Supply Chain.

#12.Empirica- A Leading Blockchain Software Development Company

blockchain consulting companies

The Empirica is a leading company that is developing Blockchain services for financial transactions. The company took major records and utilize the software development choose accordingly. In addition to this, the distributed systems provide based on blockchain support and capable of Cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions.

Expertise: Blockchain Development, Blockchain Consulting, FinTech Development, FinTech Software, ICO Launching, ICO Advisory, Initial Coin Offering, ICO Marketing, Blockchain Software, ICO Development, Smart Contracts, Customer Loyalty Software

#13.Blockchain App Factory-Enterprise Blockchain Service Provider

Headquarters: Chennai, India & USA

Best 10 blockchain service provider

The expert team at Blockchain App factory gives unique development as well as custom decentralized blockchain applications to the business. If the business is financial oriented, the transactions made simpler by using this blockchain app development. They are deploying the custom-made blockchain support and use for business purpose.

Expertise: Blockchain Consulting, Blockchain IoT development, POC Development, Private Blockchain Development & Services, Smart Contract development, Hyperledger Blockchain Development, Supply Chain Development, Custom Cryptocurrency Development Company

#14.Bacancy -Blockchain Development & Consulting Services

Headquarters: Canada, USA, Sweden, India, Australia & Dubai UAE

blockchain consulting services

Bacancy Technology is a web and mobile application as well as Top Blockchain App Development Company in USA who is focusing on the blockchain. It enables them to meet financial related applications and successfully integrates on the secure and protected blockchain platforms. The team includes an average process for confirmation for services enables for a developer.

Expertise: Agile Training, Agile Software services, Agile Consulting, Web Application Development, Mobile app development,, Cross platform mobile app development, Customer relationship management, Enterprise CMS, Ecommerce development, Website development

#15.Accelerate-Best Blockchain Development Agency

Headquarters: 14–03 Tower A Empire Heights,Business Bay, Dubai UAE

list of top 10 blockchain companies

The Accelerate is an expert business solution and involves efficient team for managing blockchain developments. In fact, the transformative effects of technology deserve the platform in overall companies using blockchain technology. If the user is seeking the business growth, Accelerate will help them to obtain transformative impact for business and software solutions.

Expertise: Blockchain Consulting, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft .NET Development, Website Design, Website Development, Microsites, Mobile Application Development, Enterprise Mobility, Gamification, E-commerce Advisory, Customer Experience Solutions, UI/UX

#16.IDB Technologies- Blockchain Development & Consulting

Headquarters: India & Malaysia

blockchain development solutions

IDB Technologies is one of the ultimate Blockchain, Web Development and Mobile Development Company in Chennai. With delivering the world-class services and products based on several platforms that include Blockchain, Mobile, ICO, and Web for the clients across the world, IDB Technologies becomes the renowned name in each sector. Professionals at IDB Technologies love to build the Web and Mobile based applications with the superior Rest API with extensive top-notch technologies.

Expertise: Android App Development, IOS App Development, Blockchain Development and Consulting, Spring Boot Application Development, REST API Development, Open Source , Laravel Develpoment, Digital Marketing

#17. Tokyo Techie- Cryptocurrency Development Company

Headquarters: India & USA

blockchain app development agency

The blockchain is the new technology payment gateway that is mainly used for modern payment process. UPI also gave the ultimate boost to the online world to grab the potential customers into the online world. TokyoTechie is India based company in Delhi that provides the perfect solution for the Cryptocurrency, Wallet Development, Mobile Application Development, and Blockchain techniques. A group of energetic and active workers in TokyoTechie is ready to full fill all requirements of clients.

Expertise: Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Smart Contract Development, Hyperledger Development, Cryptocurrency Development,

#18. Brsoftech- End-to-End Customized Blockchain Solutions

Headquarters: India & USA

List of blockchain mobile app builder

Brsoftech is the well-known Blockchain solutions provider that helps the business to easily transform into the new era of complete innovation. Brsoftech delivers end-to-end and innovative customized solutions across all the aspects of Blockchain domain. Techracers offers the perfect solution for every sector that includes retail businesses, financial institutions, healthcare providers, Blockchain start-ups and B2B companies.

Expertise: Blockchain Application Development, Fantasy Sports Solutions, iPhone & iPad App Development, Product Lifecycle Management, UI/UX Design, QA Services, Enterprise Mobile Design & Development, Responsive Web Design & Development , Mobile App Development, Android App Development, Fantasy Football App Development, Fantasy sports draft tools, ethereum dapp development, ethereum smart contract development, RoR, Node, Node, Angular, RUBY ON, and Ruby on Rails.

#20.Hash Code-Best ICO Development Company

Headquarters: India

blockchain Ui/ux design Company

HCPPL is the top Blockchain Development Company based in India mainly focuses on the distributed ledger technology, small contracts, and others. Hash Code Programmers Pvt Ltd has the expert team of blockchain developers to build the complete solution for about 2 years. HCPPL is self-funded with having years of experience in building the private Blockchain applications. With more than 20 years of experience in IT architecture, integration, Big Data, AI and many others.

Expertise: Smart Contracts, Distributed Ledgers, Crypto Currency, and Ethereum, Smart contracts, Smart contracts audit,Blockchain technology, Payment Gateways, Crowdfunding, Blockchain training technologies.

#21.BCDC-A Complete Blockchain Development Solution

Headquarters: Argentina

Contact: +11261657 | Founded : 2014 | Employees : 11–50

best blockchain development services

The BCDC has an expert team who is giving dedicated blockchain experts ready to integrate the business and its solutions. The organization has environmental and friendly designers who took the products and services impacts. They are fully dedicated blockchain experts who will develop business solution accordingly. It includes best platforms and thus has possible interactions with the projects.

Expertise: Blockchain as a Service, Research & Development, Business Accelerator

#22.Zynesis -Best Blockchain Consulting Services

Headquarters: Singapore

top blockchain consulting company

The Zynesis provides elegant development services suitable for every business needs. In fact, the firm empowers the apps and systems choose according to the architecture design. With a small startup, the process took most things suitable for development procedure. By being a topmost blockchain development company, the team designs and give an elegant solution.

Expertise: Blockchain consulting & services, Ethereum, Monero and other open blockchain solutions

#23.Coin Fabrik- The Leading Blockchain Development Companies

Headquarters: Argentina

Contact: +3102376506 | Founded: 2014 | Employees : 11–50

top 10 blockchain companies

The Coin Fabrik is the leading blockchain development company focusing on the financial measurements. In fact, the team is providing knowledge skills in Cryptocurrencies and blockchain development. Of course, this organization can efficiently integrate with your goals and reach globally. They took Cryptocurrency protocols and discovered security vulnerabilities. So, get only first-class blockchain development which took

#24.Venture Aviator-Best Blockchain Development Firms

Headquarters: USA

Contact: +(310)584 7553 | Founded : 2012 | Employees : 51–200

Top 10 Blockchain Technology Companies

Venture Aviator is one of the award-winning blockchain development Firms for integrating financial applications. It is suitable for providing first-class design and chooses multiple results on building blockchain support. It exists on a successful platform for artificial intelligence projects. The team is giving a platform for providing blockchain start-ups to the customers.

Expertise:Transitioning onto blockchain,Related Solidity, Dapp, and Ethereum development, Cryptocurrency development, ICO consulting Blockchain Implementation.

#25.Itransition-The Popular Blockchain Consulting Firm

Headquarters: USA & UK

Contact: +7202072820 | Founded : 1998 | Employees : 1001–5000

top 10 blockchain app developers

The Itransition is a leading blockchain development that spans the globe for delivering decentralized solutions for financial requirements. They offer blockchain consulting and technology used to get attention on the business campaigns forever. The team delivers awesome results and bring forth attention to better development for everyone.

Expertise: Blockchain development services, ICO development, Cryptocurrencies development & platforms, creates marketplaces, Develop data management, Identity management, Trading desks.

#26. Techracers-Top-notch Blockchain Development Company

Headquarters: India & USA

Contact: +91 9617382031 | Founded: 2012 | Employees : 201–500

Blockchain Development Service Company

Techracers is a global leader in creating end-to-end blockchain solution and services that help businesses create an everlasting impact for the end user in this new era of digital economy. Our pre-designed blockchain frameworks, enable organisations to adopt blockchain and create a positive, sustainable outcome. Recognised as the top blockchain development companies globally, Techracers has made its mark in the Blockchain industry and continues to create blockchain solutions for making business processes more convenient and trustworthy. Team Techracers includes fantasy sports developers, business consultants and blockchain developers who understand the industry and its dynamics prolifically.

Expertise: Enterprise Blockchain Development, Blockchain Application Development, Smart Contract Audit, Smart Contract Development, ICO Launch Services, Cryptocurrency development, Cryptocurrency exchanges, Private blockchain development and Cryptocurrency Wallet development.

#27.Sofocle-Custom Blockchain Development Company

Headquarters: UK & India

Contact: +91.9821769996 | Founded : 2016| Employees : 11–50

Top Blockchain android app Companies

Today, the Sofocle empowers good technology for discovering innovation and leveraging technologies in blockchain development. Moreover, the blockchain development agency builds various industries notably finance, insurance, healthcare, and others. It helps you identify the use cases and suitable for blockchain applications. The team usually develop according to the blockchain developers.

Expertise: Blockchain Development, Private Blockchain, Wallets and Exchanges, Blockchain Consulting, Smart Contracts, and Product Development.

#28.Minddeft- A Leading Blockchain Service Provider

Headquarters: INDIA, UK & USA

Contact: +917940192627 | Founded : 2015 | Employees : 11–50

best 10 blockchain app developers

By integrating with Blockchain applications, the Minddeft Company has its efforts for developing applications in business processes. It enhances the Blockchain applications that are immediately delivered competent value for enterprise portal solutions. The team focuses on the efficacies of Blockchain applications used for multiple purposes. They have conducted several blockchain projects for clients without any hassles.

Expertise: Blockchain, Enterprise Portals, Liferay DXP, Java/J2EE, Ethereum, and Multichains.

29.Blockobi-A Leading Blockchain Development Agency

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE

Contact: +971(0)42424560 | Founded : 2017 | Employees: 1–10

top 10 blockchain android app developers

The Blockobi is a development agency who has highly skilled experts for providing blockchain solutions. In addition, the blockchain development creates a familiar response and thus has suitable guidance for working in a functional way. This is known as of the listed blockchain companies that are providing a salient approach for getting blockchain development forever.

Expertise:Blockchain, hyperledger, Product and service design, technology, Pre ICO & ICO, Smart Contracts, Alternative payments, Cryptocurrency, Business consultation & validation, Blockchain Development, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Token Exchanges, Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Sales & Marketing, Digital Advertising, Web and App Build, and Search & CRO


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