How I evaluate my startup ideas

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To have a successful startup, you need a great idea in a growing market, a great team, a great product, and great execution. Thus, before you write a single line of code, you need to evaluate if your idea is worth spending years building it.

I have founded two companies (one exited, second in progress), led product & engineering at two startups acquired both acquired by public companies. Over the last 10 years, through several mistakes, I developed some questions on how to evaluate startup ideas.

The following are the four questions that I ask myself when I’m evaluating a startup idea for founding, investing, or even joining a company. …

A practical guide on finding startup ideas that are worth pursuing

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Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or going through a pivot, finalizing a startup idea could be overwhelming.

A good founder usually has a bag of ideas. Having multiple ideas is good, but not ideas are created equal.

In this post, I’m sharing the process that I use to decide what ideas are worth executing and how to eliminate weak ideas.

1. The power of scratching your own itch

The best business ideas usually come from scratching a personal need. When you solve your own problem, you spend your time building something that you’re passionate about. This is more common in creating direct-to-consumer businesses.

Start with a list of problems that you’d like to solve for yourself. Rank this list in the order of pain point. Then rank this list in the order of how frequently you experience the pain point. Ideally, you want to pick the idea that ranks top in the pain point as well as in usage frequency. …

35 tips to tighten up your grammar skills

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Grammar rules, annoying as they can be, are man-made. But, grammatical issues distract readers from what you want to convey. Instead of resonating with your words, they have to re-read the sentences until they understand.

Without the distraction of grammatical errors, readers can focus on — and better understand — your message.

This cheat sheet is a work in progress and hopefully, can be a good reference for anyone looking to tighten up their grammar skills.

I hope these guidelines will help you as much as they have helped me.

1. A While vs. awhile

A while is a noun phrase and means “a period of time.” …


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Thoughts on entrepreneurship, future of work, leadership, and intellectual life. Founder | Product & Eng Leader. Past: VP Eng Twine (John Hancock), Vurb (Snap).

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