“If liberty means anything at all,it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear” -George Orwell.

How many of us think that freedom is something that is supposed to come from the people who surround us.From our environment.Majority of us believe that Freedom as an expression needs approval, acknowledgement and appreciation from the environment we live in.We as humans, are dependent, on how the people we coexist with, are thinking about us.We are always restless, continuously thinking how to react,respond and retaliate to the situations we come across.Some might argue by saying that,that is what is called ‘strategical thinking’, That is what they want to hear.That is how it is supposed to be ‘packaged’ so that it does not have one blemish and thus be rejected.Because it is not the rejection of what one said,but the rejection of oneself that causes the individual to bow down to the majority and betray its own mind.I have never quite understood why people are so scared to think,to speak what they want to or for what is right.It’s not that we can’t think (we are humans,intelligent animals), but the thought of mismatch of ideas is what scares us.What is going to happen if we say what we want to?!The worst case scenario would be that, we would be wrong.But what is wrong in being wrong?!That’s how we learn.Freedom starts with the mind.Putting in words what you think is the first step to liberate yourself.To gain from yourself and others.Speaking ones mind out is not a sin.And only when one starts doing that will one realize the power with which you are filled,the immense feeling of confidence and self-worth that accompanies it is more than enough to get you going for an entire lifetime.It’s not that you are not aware of the consequences of your thought,but the realization that you are fully aware of what you are going to say and the confidence with which you say it, is what makes all the difference.There is no point in over thinking about things,situations and people and complicate it for no reason whatsoever.And once we start saying what we think,there will be no burdens,no shrinking away from oneself, no disappointments and no regrets.Only confidence and responsibility will guide your way to reality.

As rightly said by Descartes-”Cogito ergo sum

I think, therefore I am.

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