“Why are you crying?”- I asked her. Life’s not fair with me, she said. I inquired -”What is that that makes you so grim and sad?” With a heavy face she said -”I have been victimized”. People take me wrong. They see a different side of me and don’t appreciate it usually. I am always the villain of every situation.

That’s the story of almost all of us. Yes. ALL. Including me. No exceptions granted. It feels so good to be victimized. To be innocent, to wait and see the world fight your war with the supposed ‘villain’ who made you sad. It is extremely easy to sit back and cry making yourself the center of attention. Situations are genuine sometimes. But that’s one in a hundred!! The rest 99 times it is our urge to run away from the problem and believe in that world which put us in the problem first! And the belief in ‘that world’ is not born out of any trust or goodwill but the weakness of one’s own mind. Why I call it the weakness of the mind is because of a very fundamental reason. So trivial and simple that you are not gonna accept it as you read it!! We believe that this world will take us out from the ditch that we have put ourselves into because we know that if it can’t, we have them to blame. We have someone to blame. We are an excellent bunch of species who live and die for the sake of just one entity- thats us. Me. Not one less, not one more. Acceptance and responsibility are two words, never internalized. Never sought after and of course never practiced.

“Man is evil!”- they say. Well I say “Man is foolish!” and foolish to the extent that it knows what is wrong but isn’t ready to accept it, to face it with humble subservience. To correct the wrong and at least try to change its own inherent nature of being oblivious to its own surroundings. Accepting mistakes is close to correcting them. Sticking it to someone’s head or putting it on a scapegoat is the worst possible thing that one can do.

Doing something different from what is inherent is difficult. Very. I have tried. Your mind takes you back. To what is easy. What it has been doing for the major part of its existence. But some things are best not be explained and left unanswered to ponder and realize the truth by oneself…

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