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Quite simply, a prototype is anything a person can look at and respond to. A prototype doesn’t usually have to be very complex in order to learn what you need to know.


It all comes down to this day where all my observations and assumptions finally end up in a quick and dirty prototype. There are different activities suggested for prototyping. That includes,


There is no restriction on the tool or the level of details (preferably low-fi) you bring to your prototype. It’s all about –

Choose the right path

It’s awesome to have a lot of ideas. It’s a great feeling. But I’ve got bad news: you can’t build and test everything. And even if you could, it wouldn’t be very useful, because you’d have too much information to sift through. So you’ve got tough decisions to make: which solutions will you pursue and which will you put on ice?


This day is all about the distilling of all the possibilities that were discussed over the past two days and start prototyping on a single solution. In this solo activity, I have got the advantage of being the facilitator…

Illuminating all possible paths

Have a mindset of “Yes” and constantly ask “How might we?”


The goal for today is to explore as many possibilities as possible, regardless of how realistic, feasible, or viable they may or may not be.

Jake Knapp describes Day 2 as, “illuminating all of the possible paths”. This goes the old school way of sketching the ideas on paper. Even if this is a team activity, Jake Knapp explains why this is different from team shouting ideas or brainstorming.

Instead, everyone in the sprint will be working quietly and individually, often around the same table. The exercises outlined below…

Design sprint & Problem statement

Shoshin(初心) is a concept in Zen Buddhism meaning beginner’s mind. It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner in that subject would.

Ideas are everything and everybody has an idea to change the world we experience. What would you do when you have a crazy idea that you are sure will be killed in a room of design critiques? You share it with all the critiques on the internet! …

Hello UX team @Flipkart,

You have an unhappy seller — my wife, with the whole experience of your seller’s portal. She is no longer motivated to list all the items on the portal because of various confusing interfaces. And as a mother of two highly energetic kids and a solopreneur, she doesn’t have the time to search through your contents on the seller university. So, I decided to take a look at the portal and realized that she has got some valid points.

Now, let me give you a back story:

Before enrolling as a seller at your marketplace, my wife had set up her first shop with…

I wouldn’t call it as a poor experience but could be termed as a ‘missed expectation’ in the flow of an exciting shopping experience. Here I’m making the case of Amazon.in checkout process, where my wife and I repeatedly experienced this issue.


Have you ever experienced with Amazon.in checkout process, after adding tons of items in the cart for your kids, home and yourself, when you don’t have anymore mental strength left to take another decision, having ‘made the payment’ but the order is not yet placed? I have, Repeatedly.

Below I share my case and my views on why…

Arun Antony

Product Designer

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