I was a child , a small girl child,

With wonder in my eyes and dream in my mind.

I wished to be the fairy in the sky,

with a magic wand , to bring joy to every child.

This was the dream I had as a child.

Nobody will cry, and all will smile,

I wished I could be the fairy in the sky.

I grew up to be a young joyful girl,

with love for the world and

dreams in my eyes.

I wished I could fly , but now not like a

fairy in the sky.

I wished to enchant the world with my

high flying ideas , and dreams in my eyes.

No one can bind me, no one can hedge me,

for my limitless thoughts and my fearless style,

will sweep away any danger ,

in the blink of an eye.

I had a heart full of dreams, to fill the world with light.

I grew up to be an woman with

a heart full of love, and dreams in my eyes;

for a beautiful world for me and my child.

I saw the shining eyes,

and the same joyful smile,

with dreams in her eyes, and

courage in her smile.

It was my girl child ,

with dreams in her eyes.

I will let her grow up,

with flame in her heart,

shining bright.

With dream in her eyes,

and power in her style.

I will let the dreams never die,

and see that she must not sigh,

from the world all around,

for she has to rise,

above all cries.

Let the dreams be alive,

and let it slowly grow,

for dreams are seeds,

from which tomorrow can grow.

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