Naming our mobile games

We at the gear up studio wanna to name our game even from the time when it was an idea. Just like an Indian couple who think about naming their baby when it was in the belly. But we ended up naming it a week before its launch. Until then its name was “Project Something” for us.

Every time My partner ask me for the name, I’ll open Google Keyword Planner and search for some relevant Keywords and the finding low competition keyword then started to think a name around it. You know what we never named our product in such SEO optimized way. We always gave it Brand names for our product. Actually, we are happy with the name that we have. We don’t have enough time/stats to see what we did wrong with the names. But for us, the Name is catchy, relevant, easy to pronounce, easy to type that’s it. its all good. No worry.

Name of our games and apps:
BOOKY : Dictionary
Round n Round : endless runner game
Red n Blue : a ball puzzle game

By naming our first game with Round n Round and then accidentally named our second as Red n Blue, we came with our brand naming with “N” series. Just like King’s “Saga” or “aa” game. we have something unique for us. Even the short form of the names sound good “RnR” and “RnB” our second one sound like a music genre. cool.So far we are dominant in name keyword. it’s we in the first if someone search “ round n round ”, “ red n blue ” and “ gear up studio ”.Again happy with our product names.Good luck for naming you stuffs.bye.