How to Overcome Writing Challenges?

The writer’s journey traverses peaks and valleys. We usually notice the moments when we are on a high and feel really great about writing. And there are also times when motivation flops and inspiration dries up.

Challenges are the part of real life. Anything without challenges I think is boring because challenges always mold us and retrain our brain to be stronger and sharper than before. Truth be told though, some challenges can drain the life out of us. No doubt, being a writer has many advantages, but the major advantages generally come up with the major challenges along. Of course there are many challenges in writing. And if we can’t overcome the barriers, we can hardly finish what we have started.

So I have made an attempt to write down some of the major challenges writers usually face and the essential solutions I think can be of some real help. I do hope that after going through these points, you will find fresh inspiration on your path as a writer.

Are you feeling it difficult to write? Well, that’s what we simply call writer’s block. Maybe you just don’t know what to write or you’re not in the right mood. You don’t even have any clear idea when you will be in the right mood. You are just blocked.

You need to deal with Writer’s Block as quickly as possible otherwise it can turn out to be very dangerous for you. You have to deal with the block but HOW? Well, I suggest you the following quick guidelines to overcome writer’s block:

-Always make sure that you are getting adequate sleep. Do not over-stress yourself. Take enough rest.

-You cannot produce without consuming. So, always read.

-Do not forget to exercise in the regular basis. Sometimes, your inactivity is all the root of problems you face. Proper blood circulation in the body and brain maintains your overall fitness and remember: it has a lot to do with your creativity. Exercise makes our mind fresh and creative.

-Stop writing for a while. If you are writing continuously without taking enough rest, it can cause the Writer’s block. So, try not writer for a whole day. Go hang out with friends and have a lot of fun with them. Amazingly, you will get so productive and refreshed after that.

Sometimes, you have no idea about what to write and how to write even when you are so confident that you can write. Don’t worry about that as it happens to everybody. If you lack ideas to write, you can try for the following solutions:

-Observe the nature around you. Sometimes, nature can give you some of the best ideas.

-Do research on what to write. You can google for something or use social media sites and other useful websites to kindle some of your own ideas.

-Read anything good that comes your way.

Do you feel like you are under-productive? If you are not productive, you can’t excel in the journey to be good writer. In order to be a prolific writer, you need to be strongly self-motivated at the first hand. Just find your real passion for writing and know how to touch your own creative soul. Once you identify and start following the burning desire for writing inside you, you will start to be more productive. You will set real achievable goals and benchmarks. Then, you will find many ways to double or triple the speed of your writing.

Sometimes, your inner critic gets in the way of writing at the first draft fast. It’s simply because it wants to have everything perfect before you have even written the article. So the best way to suspend your inner critic is by thanking it for caring about the quality of your work and focus on getting the first draft of your article done. Assure your inner critic that you will proofread and rewrite the draft after finishing it. You know what, the magic of writing well in not in producing a perfect first draft but editing and rewriting afterwards.

Lack of self-confidence is one of the most dangerous problems that can plague a writer. You can’t go so far unless you confident enough for what you have to offer no matter how much skilled or experienced you are. Being confident isn’t about just knowing that you know your stuffs but it’s also about being ready to demand what you are worth. Confidence is the internal force and it has nothing to do with your age, skills or reputation.

If you lack confidence, you can’t start what you have to. Lack of confidence degrades your self-worth and you end up with nothing frustration. Many writers are yet to negotiate for their raise. Do you think they lack what it takes? Definitely not, what they lack is the confidence about having what it takes.

So, never undermine the skills and qualities you have. Be a confident person on what you are worth for. Overcome the fear of failure and start living bold and fearless life.

Like it happened yesterday? Yes, this happens a lot with us. Whenever you start doubting in your own skills and as a result you can’t get yourself to work. Mostly it happens when your client or someone else criticizes you. The other times, you may be facing some personal problems at home or online. It can create a serious disaster in your career as a writer. So, the first step to overcome emotional breakdown is to realize that it is what it is, just a feeling and nothing else. That’s not the reality. Reading books on personal development, eating hygienic foods, exercising regularly, working on self-confidence, and surrounding yourself with good people can help you overcome such breakdown.

As a writer, break the records and not yourself. Try developing the knack of examining all the criticisms in the positive manner. Don’t get attached to the bitter things people say about you. Rather, make hardcore preparation to prove yourself the best among the best.

There are many other challenges you have to face being a writer. And you should overcome those challenges as quickly as possible so that they do no serious harm to you. Try to enjoy your creativity rather than the congratulations! I wish you good luck in your journey as a writer!!!

Originally published at on January 24, 2016.