Is it time for you to learn or earn?

There are people out there wondering and wondering a lot about their careers. Natural it is, but many youngsters are still confused about what should they do? Despite that confusion, they start something in hurry and stuck at the difficult turns of their lives later on. They keep wondering though, how in the heck to get out of it!

Whenever I have some career discussions with my friends (of course, they are young guys like me), I usually pull my old trick of answering a question with another question. Well, I end up replying them with this question, “Is it time for you to learn or earn?” True that many people still confuse learn with earn.

Now the question is: should you learn or earn?

You may either be working in a low-paid gig where you will learn tons or a stultifying stop where you will earn fistful of dough.

For most of the people the answer is learn. I would rather suggest you make sure at the first hand that what you get out of working at this company. Are you getting introduced with the network of talented executives? Are you getting more responsibility than your last job or not? Is this improving your technical skills that will help you in what you do next? If YES, learn now TO earn later.

And obviously, you should only take jobs that you enjoy and that let you be passionate about coming to work every day. Never ever join a company without knowing why you’d join.

“When you are young, work to learn, not to earn.” — Robert Kiyosaki

Of course, Robert has rightly said this. And it’s because we should be well-equipped with the practical financial education so that we can earn later. Let me be more precise in the following paragraphs.

If you want to make crazy money, the best option for you is to be a founder or the CEO because in startup life, it can be very hard to be earning. So, it’s wise to invest in learning. It’s a very rare skill and only very few people can do this.

So, how do you learn then? You can invest in your skillsets; find what the in-demand skills are in the industry you are interested in. It’s better for you to know about the changing pace of your field of work. Well, startups aren’t automatically better. It’s not true that startups are always awesome. Hence, it’d be so wise of you to be well-prepared before starting your own business.

Many lectures, books, and blogs are available out there about being entrepreneur but the truth still is, you will really only learn when you get out there and do it. Bear the thing in your mind that the earlier you make mistakes the quicker you can get on to building a great company.

When we suggest youngsters to follow only the learn route first and always babble about the crazy graduation stuffs, then remember this too, there are guys like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg proving us wrong. So, be sure that starting up a new business isn’t about having a MBA or something like that. It’s about having the good understanding of finances and the vitals of running your business properly.

Once you are well-learned about how to earn and do things rightly, now it’s time for you to be in the driver’s seat. You can start your own new company or go somewhere where they need an efficient CEO. Always be realistic about your skills, your ideas and the background too. But always remember that you have to match your talents, skills, age and ambitions, economic circumstances with your current reality. And you should be realistic about the most potential outcomes at the minimum. Always ask yourself the question, “Am I here to earn or to learn?”

No doubt, both learning and earning are equally important part for an entrepreneurship or a business. If you think, learning is an ongoing process, and startups are always awesome part then you can get stuck there. Learning is always vital for earning. So, make a strong foundation for your startup and entire business first.

Think again, is it time for you to earn or learn?

Originally published at on January 24, 2016.