Problems: Our Real Mentors

‘Problem’ is the thing that almost every single individual has in his/her life. Everyone in this planet earth seems to be uttering their bitter experiences with the same disyllabic word ‘Problem’…problem…problem…problem and all-time, all-the-way problems but no solutions! Almost all have complains about the ‘problems’ they come to face in their lives.

First, let me put something down here:

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary has defined the term ‘Problem’ as follows:

1. A thing that is difficult to deal with or to understand: big/major/serious problems > health, family etc. problems > Financial/practical/technical problems.

2. A question that can be answered by using logical thought or mathematics: mathematical problems > to find the answer to the problem.

And there are many other illustrations about term ‘Problem’, better keep these all out of our discussion right now! People define it in their own ways… of course they have right to do that!

Actually Oxford’s definition has nothing to do with our real problems. But, even from the definition what Oxford Dictionary has given, what we can conclude is, Problems can be solved but are difficult to deal with, of course! And nobody has ever said that problems are impossible to solve.

I’d love to put here a great thought once upon a time quoted by Charles Kettering. It goes like this:

“Problems are the price of progress. Don’t bring me anything but trouble. Good news weakens me.”

What an attitude! Yes, I and many others do agree with this! But, actually when problems blow our lives and the lifestyle we have, we hardly have guts to face them and give it a hard blow instead. We fall down, and fail to stand up again to continue! We then give up, and again fail to excel up! This is the biggest misery we all are going through!

But remember, whoever has faced the problems and stood up every time s/he fell down, s/he have become what they wanted to be! And they followed their heart always even when problems seem to be bigger than the highest mountains. You can take the examples of anyone who’ve become successful. Can you name anyone at the top who had never faced the challenges and problems in his/her way up there? Only thing differentiates them from the mass of commonplace, and that’s their courage to continue…the journey they had started once, come what may! There were unstoppable. No problems stuck them! Problems they faced were the prices of their progress. That’s it!

Yes, problems are here, there and everywhere! And most importantly, when one says that he wanted to do something, but many big problems are halting his way, he’s wrong! Nothing can stop you from being a real achiever but you and your attitude CAN!

Why don’t we think that problems are our mentors? Why don’t we change our attitude towards problems that they suck!

Usually, all problems come to teach us something important in life. The best solution for any of your problems is to change your attitude. Once you know that problems come but their respective solutions, they do no bad but all good to us. Really, problems are the teachers, our real-life mentors! At times, chances are we are unaware about it, but problems teach us some of the best lessons in life. Problems are indeed the real testers of confidence!

I’d say that problems are your real Mentors when life sucks and you feel like shit! It’s not always that we all already have the prescience of the happenings of life. If it would be so, most of us wouldn’t be spending much of our precious time in the aftermath of everything.

Sometimes, things happen to be the best, the other time worst too. However, our own attitude is the solution of every problem from very simple to very complex. Biggest problem, if exists, is in our own attitude! Also, we should better know that life is like a dick, sometimes it gets hard for no reason!