Why Are Freshers Not Getting Hired in Big Companies?

I love to write about people, things, and circumstances. This is however my first attempt to get my hands dirty on employment issue of my country. As I see, nowadays students have less worry of their exams and more of how will they get a job in a reputed company or may be where will they end up, I couldn’t just stay silent.

With some rare exceptions, every single company seems to hire only those candidates who are highly experienced but every time they are discouraging Freshers, WHY? Tell me, if every company needs EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS where will FRESHERS go? Each and every Freshers have the same agony and are having the same sort of questions in their mind.

Present Employment Scenario of Nepal:

Don’t know about the entire globe, but statistics show that nearly half the population of Nepal is jobless. And number of unemployed-educated youths is increasing exponentially everyday as the government is so unable to create employment opportunities for youths. Consequently, hundreds of thousands of young manpower is being exported to some gulf countries, and some other Asian and European countries. Few lucky ones have the job they wanted here, some are hanging with the one they never ever wished, some end up killing themselves with frustration, and some started killing others while some are still pushing and have guts to continue! All have to join their hand and mouth after all!

There are many reasons behind the unemployment problem in Nepal, and it’s gonna be very lengthy and broad to discuss about right here. So, let’s only limit this topic about the Fresher’s employment issues. Maybe we can cover up discussing rest of the issues in upcoming posts.

Fresher’s Perspective:

Every Fresher is having tough time finding a job they really want. Majority of players are hiring candidates on the basis of references rather than the talent and potential. Damn to the deserving candidates, they only seem to have their own relatives to be with them! Money-muscle tussle is always prevalent!

Whenever we see job vacancy, there’s always a requirement column which says ‘Experience…minimum of 2 years.’ Why don’t they understand that today’s Experienced Personnel too were once been the Freshers? Freshers should get chance first, and then only they will get experience! And I am so sure that they will work better than today’s experienced ones.

Scenario is that Freshers have to wait for a long to get a good job or else Fresher has to be extraordinary, the brilliant one! If the companies want only brilliant ones, where will averages go?

So-called big companies of Nepal are only demanding for the Experienced Personnel for their posts. If Freshers are given opportunity somewhere somehow, they are always underpaid and discouraged. And this is one of the reasons why most of them happen to have no interest to work.

Company’s Perspective:

Having that said, it’s not all true that Freshers have not been hired at all. Freshers are taken as trainee in most of the large private organizations, and some are also doing great.

But if you talk about the growing companies, they may not afford the luxury of taking Freshers as they have to train them and wait for them to deliver the results. On the contrary, less training is required for the experienced candidates than Freshers which mean saving of time and resources for the company. Additionally, experienced candidates know the atmosphere and behavior of the company. Experienced candidates too can be innovative, creative having much knowledge about the practical work.

They usually hesitate to take the risk of Freshers! Companies are not so sure if Freshers can adapt themselves fully even after providing them enough training and spending much resource on them.

HR Consultancy’s Perspective:

Majority of HR Consultancies consider that experienced candidates are better. Or maybe not but it is easy to take decision for any company to select experienced candidate than Freshers. Any HR Consultancy doesn’t appreciate the Fresher’s CV because they too are working for earning and for fulfilling the requirements of the company. The requirements basically say EXPERIENCE! That’s it…no more discussion.

Possible Resolution:

We all notice quite often, so-called top leaders never miss to say, “Youths are the pillars of Nation” in their speeches. Indeed, they are! But, they never show interest on utilizing the youth manpower for the betterment of the nation. They always talk the talk but never walk the walk.

So, the first point is to stimulate the system to make practical plans to improve the issue of Fresher’s Employment. Campus recruitment system should be enabled.

Secondly, the private sector should encourage the hiring of Freshers in significant amount. Yes, we can understand the problems of many growing companies of taking up a Fresher. But, established companies can definitely provide opportunity to Freshers. However, I still believe that Freshers once trained can do better as they are new to the working world. They can identify their talents and train them in their cup of tea. So, please don’t hesitate to hire Freshers! Don’t just look for experienced team. If every company will think in this way, where will the fresh talent go? One must keep a blend of highly energetic and creative Freshers and highly experienced person so that the ultimate output will be nothing but the BEST.

Thirdly, Internship program should be made mandatory in the curriculum of every course. I think, Internship can help the whole society by giving a very good candidate a platform to show his/her potential. Don’t you think we need more Internship?

Finally, I don’t want to argue in that whether experienced candidates are the best as they definitely are, but what about the more deserving Fresh candidates? Actually, Freshers have the mind and energy to think out of box and create something and innovate. And these days, experienced candidates also cost more and have their own set of thinking. They are not only difficult to find but also can’t be easily molded into the type of employees an organization requires. Speaking about Freshers, well, they do not have these demerits! New Generation, their young blood and fresh mandate can definitely make the difference!

Some Words of Advice for Freshers!

If you are having tough time getting a new job being a Fresher, just don’t ruin your life in frustration guys! You have a long way to go, you know that! You have just stepped out into the real life after getting your academic degree. Just be well-prepared to get the most competitive edge to find your niche job. The cutting edge is the HARDCORE PREPARATION… Mind it! If you have that caliber to make it happen, no one can ignore you! Be in touch with good companies, maybe they are looking for someone, JUST LIKE YOU! GOOD LUCK!

For those, who don’t want to be an employee as you just don’t love being the one, you can come up with your own innovations! Starting your own niche profession is not easy though, but if you are born for it, you can make it… sooner or later! Just don’t give up! Starting as a freelancer can be good option for those who have creative and technical knacks… Just market yourself, and start your own business later on! Be the boss of your own!