True Efforts — I mean, from the heart

In today’s world, every effort needs to be applauded. It goes without saying that if a person had put some efforts, appreciation is demanded. I was thinking to myself “is this the right way? How do I teach someone, if the efforts are really from the heart, the effort itself is the applause?”

I realized that the best a leader can do is to help people understand the real value of the true effort or action. It creates the opportunity to not to rely on anything external for affirmation. The act of thinking about an effort or really doing something will be the greatest reward in itself. If someone can let others understand this simple idea, things will happen on its own. In this process one can identify their real passion. Any action that needs to be rewarded with something else is not the right place for someone to be. The person ends up with extreme conflicts within.

It’s not that the efforts need not be appreciated. But it’s the form of communication where a group of people immerse into something and doesn’t need anything else to drive them. The very efforts are satisfying. Appreciation and recognition will follow but those become trivial in the bigger scheme of things.

When one has the ability to turn any kind of action or effort to reflect the true passion, there arises tremendous scope for self improvement. Only this can strengthen someone to be brutally honest with oneself. It is the only reward — it’s the effort itself.