Your diagram states that Reducers replace State; they create a new State (current State plus…

Thanks Dan. Actually, I put the response here already:

“Most of the app is pure functions, including the UI.” I am curious to how you came to this conclusion. You can build the UI with Angular templates/controllers or React classes without those being pure JavaScript functions. However, in React, you can use functional stateless components, if you don’t need lifecycle methods or state in your component.

Actually, I’m all my react components are stateless components. That’s why I said them as pure. I know, after we `connect` them with redux they are Redux aware components. But since I don’t create them, I think it’s safe to all my react components are pure or stateless.

Since there are not much stuff here, I decided to put the stateless components into the same file. Anyway, I happy to move them into a new file.

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