According to me Digital Transformation (DX) literally means evolution of digital technology. It was a hot word used during 1990s and 2000s and it’s hot again, now. Examples: Paper forms became electronic forms, cash became bits, sales logs and invoices became ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MIS (Management Information System). The idea is to computerize those processes, mainly for efficiency.

The ability to change/transform is good practice of digital transformation. Today’s innovations becoming tomorrow’s legacy, so it’s better to do that than to stick with yesterday’s legacy. Agile programming broke from waterfall model, now most of the companies are practicing agile method. Thinking differently is the most important pre-requisite in digital transformation. If you keep thinking the same, all that new technology will be used to do more of the same. That’s the opposite of transformation I reckon. That’s why companies have certain vision so they can act on transformation to make their vision a reality, CEOs gotta keep an open mind here.

If you’re a tech company or any other tech savvy company, or helping people making their vision to be real output. For that, you have to be open to digital transformation. Today you might be using agile method, but tomorrow if something new pops up, you shouldn’t be afraid of using that new method if needed and efficient enough. I believe any tech company must excel in digital transformation practices. Go for it only if it is necessary!